The Chess Drum’s Highlights of 2010!

The year of 2010 has come to an end and we usher 2011. Before we leave 2010, let’s reflect a bit on this past year. In the year of an Olympiad, World Championship (both men and women) and several elite tournaments, it turned out to be an exciting year. The Chess Drum was able to cover some of these events and it is with great pleasure that we give a recap of some of the noted events throughout the year. This list is taken from the 196 briefs written this year. Enjoy! Happy New Year!

International Events

Individual Feats

Stories of Note


  1. Daaim,

    Thank you for the “highlights”. What of (a) IM Jomo Pitterson’s historic win at the Sub-Zonals in Bahamas and (b) the Jamaican girls landmark victory in their category (E) at the Siberia Olympiad ?

    Surely those must have been a couple of events that delighted your soul!

  2. Dr. Shabazz when we have interactive chess play on your Web site or a webinar inwhich we get to meet and greet some of the best chess players in the world with a simultaneous exibition.
    Thank in Advance
    S. E. White

  3. S.E. White,

    There are far too many quality playing venues available in the competitive market., Internet Chess Club, are paying memberships while Yahoo Chess, and Facebook offer free services. Running The Chess Drum is hard enough, but to add a chess server to the site would be complicated, time-consuming and potentially costly endeavor. It would be hard for me to find time to manage all of this and keep up with news content. Besides, I’ve seen chess servers come and go quickly. Remember, Chess Park…

    E-mail these types of questions at

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