• 2012 Martinique Championship

    Le Championnat de Martinique 2012 Toutes Catégories – Open Fide ! Yonhel Medeuf, defending champion of Martinique Durée: du jeudi 17 mai au lundi 21 mai 2012 Lieu: Hôtel La Batelière à Shoelcher Organisateur: La ligue d’Echecs de la Martinique Contact: Inscription: jeunes: 25€ / adultes: 50€ (prix majorés…

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  • 2011 Martinique Championship

    Gilles Suez-Panama sent this message about the 27th Martinican Championship to be held on April 26th until May 1st. There will be several categories. Gilles Suez-Panama of Martinique. 27ème Championnat de Martinique d’Echecs (Toutes Catégories) Location Ecole primaire de Mansarde au ROBERT 26 avril au 1er mai 2011 ——————————————————————————– Created…

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  • Ashley in Martinique!

    Olivier Mouëza informed The Chess Drum that GM Maurice Ashley is currently in Martinique as the guest of Ligue d’échecs de la Martinique (Chess League of Martinique). He will deliver a series of lectures and simultaneous exhibitions from Thursday, February 24 until Sunday, February 27th. Here is the schedule: Friday,…

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  • Yonhel: Martinique’s 2008 Champion

    Medeuf Yonhel (pictured left) won the 2008 Martinican Championship with a sparkling 7½-1½. Raymond Marbot duplicated the score, but lost to Yonhel in two tiebreak games 1½-½. Past champion Gilles Suez-Panama (pictured right) and perennial #1, ended on a disppointing note. Ligue d’échecs de la Martinique:

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  • Historic Moments: Country Spotlight… Martinique

    When one thinks of chess in the Caribbean, perhaps only the English-speaking countries come to mind. Of course, Cuba is by far the strongest chess nation in the Caribbean, but most seem to forget due to the strong affiliation to Latin America. The Dutch-speaking Caribbean territory has been active in…

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