IM Emory Tate laid to rest… legacy lives on!

Emory Tate laid to rest October 24th, 2015

Photos by Daaim Shabazz.

A private gathering of family and friends assembled at the New Union Grove Baptist Church in Smuteye, Alabama to celebrate the life of Emory Andrew Tate, Jr. on a bright Saturday afternoon on October 24th at noon. Relatives had come from as far as California and England to be present. There was music playing in the church including “American Pie”. If these were songs Emory liked, a glaring omission would have been Elton John’s “Bennie and the Jets”.

Daughter Janine Tate read touching stories.

After the Lord’s Prayer was sung by Estella Jernigan, there were a number of tributes: his doting daughter Janine Tate, sisters Margaret Jernigan, Elizabeth Tate, Ira Jean Salls, brother former Mayor John McGowan, cousins Hobson Cox, Melvin Cox, Ed Everhart, nephews Mac Jernigan, Nick Jernigan and two chess players Daaim Shabazz and Sulaiman Smith.

Of course, all relatives call him “Dennis” whereas chess players call him “Tate” or “ET”. I was expecting that Emory was nicknamed Dennis because he was like “Dennis the Menace” as a boy. My conjecture was not far off, but there is a very interesting story about naming conventions in the Tate family. His sister Katrinka Tate Trail told me the Dennis story which is part of family lore.

There were several speakers and all had heartwarming stories of Emory. It was truly a different side that chess players would never see, but chess was the common theme in all the speeches. The chess speakers told family members about an enigmatic world Emory only mentioned in passing.


Janine Tate (daughter)
Elizabeth Tate (sister)
Margaret Jernigan (sister)
Daaim Shabazz (chess player)
Sulaiman Smith (chess player)
Mac Jernigan (nephew)
Ira Jean Salls (sister)
John McGowan (brother)
Nick Jernigan (nephew)
Ed Everhart (cousin)
Hobson Cox (cousin)
Melvin Cox (cousin)
Estella Jernigan (niece)

Many did not realize Emory’s stature in the chess community until days following his passing. Hundreds of stories and tributary remarks were posted online. While there were many different angles, what was common was Tate’s generosity and love for those close to him… and sometimes strangers.

Ira Jean Salls tells humorous stories of her brother ‘Dennis’.

Chess player Sulaiman Smith came from Atlanta to pay tribute.

Brother and former Mayor of Union Springs John McGowan
tells his story of mentoring Emory in chess.

Elizabeth Tate comforts Janine.

Elizabeth Tate comforts her niece Janine.

After the ceremony, Emory was buried on the family plot behind the church and received a military honor including the playing of “Taps”. A final salute to the Staff Sergeant was given and the presentation of the folded flag to Janine, his daughter.

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The repast was held in rural Alabama at the home of Emma Cox Tate, Emory’s mother. It was a place that Emory often found solitude. He loved to fish in the pond or simply take in the vastness of the countryside. It is this quietude in which he will rest forever, but his chess contributions will live on!

Daaim Shabazz with Emma Tate, Emory’s mother.

Emory’s place of solitude.

IM Emory Andrew Tate, Jr.
Staff Sergeant and Chess Master Extraordinaire!
Photo from Tate family archives.

* * *

Emory Tate: chess savant, warrior (1958-2015)



  1. It was wonderful to see Emory receiving a military salute. His military achievements along with his other accomplishments are well deserving.
    I can’t say enough about Daaim, your the heart & soul of the African America Chess Community.

    Dee J

  2. Thank you again Daaim for representing the chess community in saying farewell to Emory. I met my friend Tate in the mid 80’s and played some really wonderful fighting chess with him. He was indeed “Mr. Chess” just as Gligoric, champion Yugoslavian grandmaster, was call “Mr. Kings Indian.” I deeply admired the deep passion that Tate had for the game. In my heart, he was a grandmaster, and I will always think of him as Grandmaster Emory Tate. He was a true master of the sacrifice in chess.

    FM William Morrison

    1. OK “Terminator “good to know your still in chess, of course Emory was clearly Grandmaster strength i recall having a bit of fun on ICC about it during some of their top practice tournaments that vishy and the other guys were in, man i would start up such a big arguement about it that we would forget about the games and start talkin about Emory for 2hrs! lol the adminstrators woudl have to break us up cuz i would always tell them on ICC that Emory would crush theses guys in certain positions, I competed with their traditional gms from 1998-2008 in the 1minute chess as the ultramodernist. CHESS BROTHERS FOREVER!!!

  3. Thanks daaim for keeping everyone posted , the chess commuity as a whole and locally here in chicago treasure what tate has done for the game, the people and another generation of players.

  4. Falafelbackgammon is currently the Greatest Backgammon player in History however we grew up playin chess in Buffalo N.Y. we met at the University of Buffalo Chess Club along with Bem , Barry, Kurzdorfer, Doug, Tony, Bernard , Greg Vincent and Steve Capp were the regulars.IN 1990 after he Moved to N.Y. he invited me down to they N.Y. Open to practice with the traditional gms in there event, of course all the brothas in Buffalo always wanted to see me play Maurice and Emory and so did Falfel so he set the match up with E.T. we played for hours 3minute chess he was sacin and i was laughin the whole time!i thought this man is amazin where do he get all this stuff! haha, After the match was over i called him MR SACTACULAR! and he looked up and smile and let out a BELLY FULL LAUGH, repeating MR. SACTACULAR! he seem to have loved it! The Next day after i won my rd on the Black Side of a Slav i was walkin in the hallway to post my result when a young lady stopped me and began questionin my about the unique way in which i played the game so i explained the game to her then i told her my name and asked her what is her named and she said Jennifer Sha-ha-hade! I guess she LEARNED something that day, i see shes in St.Louis now with the Louisian Susan Polgar so Diamond is u see her tell her i said Hi! Im stll the Ultramodernist on Ive always wondered how our Brotha Tate would be as an ULTRAMODERNIST a type of chess more suited to his style. PEACE.


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  6. And to think today that his two sons Andrew and tristan have taken over internationally on the social media scene is nuts

  7. I first met Tate at Dupont Circle in Washington D.C. in the late 80’s and all I can say is “what a brilliant guy”. Those nights at the World Open of blitzing all night and having a cold beverage from time to time will never be forgotten.
    ONE name that would suit Tate well is Mr. World Open! For many the World Open didn’t start until Tate arrived. He may not get the credit, but Tate was one of the inventors of chess streaming as we know of it today. With as many as 50 guys surrounding the board in a conference room, Tate paced the hallway commentating past games which would often end with the words ” double exclaim”. We will always remember him as the chess Commen “TATE” or! Rest in peace good brother.

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