Jerald Times in S. Africa!

NM Jerald Times
Photo by Daaim Shabazz.

Jerald Times is known as a successful coach and winner of six national championships with Mott Hall Dark Knights and was an chess instructor at the Harlem Educational Activity Fund (HEAF). While the HEAF program was eliminated due to budget cuts, Times began working with the Harlem Children’s Zone before that program also experienced budget cuts.

Times was then asked by David MacEnulty to embark on an ambitious project he had started in South Africa. MacEnulty developed notoriety for his story of his work with children in the Bronx. This story was made into a film, “Knights of the South Bronx” and starred Ted Danson. Times will hold this post for 1-2 years.



  1. Happy New Year Daim:

    Africa is a beautiful place, as you well know. I was driven around with a family and they allowed me to take pictures of Cape Town, which is quite scenic. Cape Town is a peninsula that is surrounded by 2 oceans, Indian …and Atlantic. It is incredibly mountainous with continuous mists that sprinkle from heaven. Clouds, ships, bays, rocky hills are all part of the natural landscape. My challenge is to teach in the townships where there has been generational deprivation of education due to a triple colonialism that included Apartheid. I will be teaching the Xhosa (pronounced Koza) students in the township of Guguletu and my challenge among many will be to transform them from a memory culture to a thinking culture. I was with these students for 11 days in Johannesburg at the SAJCC or the- South African Junior Chess Championships that is their Nationals and many of the Xhosa students demonstrated remarkable memories for the games the played and were often able to regurgitate positions that I showed them. Several of the students placed well in this tournament but are not yet competitive overall for National standards. I HAVE STARTED A BLOG ON MY JOURNEY. I would love to use he Chess Drum as a link and your personl contributions are quite welcome, as we need voices and both sides of the Atlantic.

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