Chess Crackers (2001)

The following represent a variety of positions by players of the African Diaspora. In each diagram, you’re challenged to find the winning line. Each position ends with decisive material gain or mate. Solve each of the four problems (as deep as possible) and check your answers at the link afterward. Hover over the board to find the description.



  1. Patrick Li Ying-FM Philip Corbin, Black to Move (after 48.Qa5)
  2. FM Stephen Muhammad-IM Rashid Ziatdinov, White to Move (after 31…Rh7)
  3. NM Marvin Dandridge-GM Dmitry Gurevich, White to Move (after 18…Ne5)
  4. NM Steven Szpisjak-IM Oladapo Adu, Black to Move (after 28.Nd4)



  1. FM Ron Buckmire-IM Geoff Lawson
  2. Mekitew Molla-IM Robert Gwaze
  3. FM Emory Tate– GM Gennadi Sagalchik
  4. IM Amon Simutowe-IM Colin Crouch



  1. J. Fernandez-NM Shearwood McClelland III
  2. GM Alon Greenfeld-FM Kevin Denny
  3. FM Philip Corbin-Humphrey Andolo
  4. GM Alexander Shabalov-GM Maurice Ashley



  1. Theophilus Thompson composition
  2. Marvin Dandridge-NM James Rizzitano
  3. FM Danny Goldenberg-IM Michael Schleifer
  4. GM Maurice Ashley-NM Steven Winer



  1. NM Norman Rogers-NM Grace Nsubuga
  2. FM Kenny Solomon-IM Michael Schleifer
  3. NM Ernest Colding-IM Michael Schleifer
  4. FM Kenny Solomon-FM Ron Simpson



  1. Rogelio Ortega-Oscar Trujillo
  2. Rogelio Ortega-Lothar Zinn
  3. Rogelio Ortega-Bjorn Brink Claussen
  4. Nejib Bouaziz-Rogelio Ortega
  5. Andrzej Filipowicz-Rogelio Ortega
  6. Larrea Soto-Rogelio Ortega


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