• African nations at Chennai Olympiad!

    African nations traveling to the 2022 Chess Olympiad have traditionally been up to the mark in colorful outfits. This Olympiad will feature a “best dressed” contest. It’s a very interesting, but perhaps tricky idea to compare cultural expressions, but one thing for sure is that African nations will be a…

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  • Baku 2016: The Africans are Coming!

    >Today the 2016 Olympiad games will officially open with the Opening Ceremonies with 181 teams representing 176 countries. Many of these countries represent the best that each country has to offer. Within the last decade that generally meant a permanent balance of power tilting to Western Europe and North America.…

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  • 2016 Africa Chess Calendar is out!

    African continental President Lewis Ncube and African Chess Confederation the has released the chess calendar for the 2016 year. It encompasses all the major events, but may include others that have yet to be posted. A number of young federations are being thrust into organizing events in order to get…

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  • GM Zhu Chen on African tour!

    GM Zhu Chen The African Chess Confederation through the support of the World Chess Federation Women’s Commission has the honour of hosting the former World Woman Chess Champion Grand Master Zhu Chen from China. Grandmaster Zhu Chen is the former World Woman Chess Champion, she has reached the highest level…

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  • 2010 Chess Olympiad: Round #8

    Top Boards (Open) Russia 1 2-2 Ukraine Hungary 2-2 Azerbaijan Poland 1½-2½ Armenia USA 2-2 China Georgia 2½-1½ Belarus France 2½-1½ Russia 2 Iran 1-3 Cuba Estonia 3-1 Russia 3 Israel 2-2 Netherlands Serbia 2½-1½ Slovakia Richard Conn, a dapper Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov on the floor during the…

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