• 1st International Open in Guadeloupe

    Announcement from Guadeloupe saying “Come All!” to the inaugural International Open of Club Cence of Gosier. The seven-round FIDE-rated tournament will be held on three days from Friday, November 11th through Sunday, November 13th. The prize will be 4000 euros. Guadeloupe has a fairly active chess community and will also…

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  • 2010 Guadaloupe Open

    Guadaloupe will kick off their 2010 Open for June 12th-13th. Olivier Moueza has extended an invitation to all players to compete in the chess festival with a prize fund of 6000 euros.

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  • Guadeloupe’s 2010 Chess Campaign

    Guadeloupe Carnival 16 February 2010 Guadeloupe is a beautiful island with a budding chess community. Located in the eastern Caribbean and like Martinique, is a part of overseas department of France. Guadeloupe recently celebrated their carnival and federation President Olivier Mouëza was proud to show off pictures to the fete.…

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  • Aurélie Dacalor stars on Chess Site

    Perhaps one of the most ebullient players has become a hit on the online chess scene. Aurélie Dacalor has joined the team that produced the “Chess & Strategy” videos. The Women’s FIDE Master can also be seen promoting popular book titles in “Au Pays des Livres” series. The videos are…

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