• Black History Month 2022-Day 5: Wilbert Paige Memorial

    NM Wilbert Paige (1959-1994)Photo by Jerry Bibuld One of the most important chess events in Black history had to have been the Wilbert Paige Memorial. The tournament was held in honor of Philadelphia master Wilbert Paige who died in 1994 in his mid-30s. A product of West Philadelphia High School…

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  • 2017 Zanzibar Open

    Zanzibar is a beautiful, historic semi-autonomous section of Tanzania famous for its spices. It has a combination of Africa, Indian and Arab influences. One of the traditions that came to the islands many centuries ago was chess, but it has failed to gain a foothold in the region. However, the…

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  • The Rising Stars of Africa

    Africa has long produced strong players, but lack of exposure and training resources prevented many from reaching their full potential. Manuel Mateus and Pedro Aderito of Angola earned their IM titles at a young age, but their talents have gone largely unnoticed. IM Watu Kobese has also struggled to find…

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