African Regent Championship (Accra, Ghana)

Ghana Ghana Ghana

Francis Anquandah showing game to Ghana.
Francis Anquandah showing game to Ghana.

On the 10th of April, 2010, the Ghana Chess Association organized a chess tournament at the African Regent Hotel in Accra. Over forty (40) players participated in the seven round, G/30 event. At the end of the tournament, Francis Anquandah came in first after winning the tie-break against Edward Thompson. Both players scored 6/7 after 7 rounds. Peter Nsiah came in 3rd with 5.5/7.

~Edward Thompson

Complete Results:


  1. Congratulations to you all, UM sure this is a wonderful event!!! However, thats an interesting position yall analyzing,Black to move? Who’s better in that position? Sometimes the traditional chess science gets a little confusing when one tries to analyze with it , particularly when one is utilizing chessbase and they have an unclear symbol at the end of a line. Um not sure if the position is REALLY unclear or if the traditional scienctic methods (romantics, classics, hypermoderns, etc) simply doesnt apply to the position they find themselves in and perhaps it is beyond the current analytical tools they have available? Um “just curious”, perhaps you all may know or maybe ill email chessbase, Um sure they may have some understanding ,anyway nice tourny and look forward to seeing some new chess! Happy Birthday Susan!!! you using sprinkles on your cake! Peace.

  2. i congratulate you all . i never knew there was a chess association in ghana. i am 17 years and in ghana national college. i love chess so much. i learnt how to play 4 years ago and since then i have taught many of my friends. i wish to know more about the Ghana Chess Association so that i can participate in subsequent tournaments

  3. Good evening,
    I’m interested in learning how to play chess.
    Are there any chess clubs in Accra that offer this service?
    I’m looking forward to your speedy response.

    Thank you.

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