Pitterson bags IM title at Subzonal

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Jomo Pitterson

Jomo Pitterson

The “land of wood and water” is singing the praises of FM Jomo Pitterson who placed joint first in the 2.3.5 subzonal held in the Bahamas this past week. This tournament was attended by players from 10 countries.

Pitterson played solidly with an undefeated 7/9 along with WGM Serai Sanchez-Castillo of Venezuela outpacing a field that also included four other FIDE Masters. He becomes the first Jamaican in history to earn the International Master title after earning the FM title at the Dresden Olympiad in 2008. In subzonal competitions, the first-place finishers earn the IM title with 6/9. Keron Cabralis of Trinidad and Martyn Castilho earned the FM title.

Jamaica’s Federation President Ian Wilkinson posted a laudatory comment at The Chess Drum:

Jomo is a true chess “phenom” and very few players, if any, in the region work as hard as he at chess. Among other things, he is a serious opening theoretician and has coninued to grow from strength to strength. His inexorable upward climb was evident since December, 2007 when he won the Frederick Cameron Open in Kingston, Jamaica ahead of a big and tough field including the celebrated Jamaican-born GM Maurice Ashley.

His sparkling play at the 2008 Dresden Olympiad for Jamaica saw him being the star of the show with an unbeaten 7/9, for which he earned the FM title. He has continued to play and train hard with excellent results and it is no surprise that he mirrored his olympiad success with another unbeaten 7/9 in the Bahamas.

In the past two years, Pitterson has played in several norm tournaments in the Caribbean and in the U.S. trying to sharpen his game. The results have been fruitful and Jamaica will send their Olympiad team to with a newly-titled player. It is hopeful that Pitterson will take this new plateau to higher heights and inspire others to compete internationally.

Link: https://www.thechessdrum.net/blog/2010/04/04/bahamas-set-to-host-subzonal/


  1. Jomo,

    First of all..CONGRATS!!
    I can only ditto Ian’s comments. I know how hard you work at your game, and the title is well deserved.

    If time and personal commitments allow, I encourage you to continue on to pursue that covetted GM title.

    Well done!!


  2. Jomo – well deserved and am very proud! GM title next! Your father did well when he supported you picking you and and from CAST.
    Bask in it!

  3. Congrats Jomo…well deserved. I admire your hard work and dedication to the game. I know you will continue to improve.

  4. A title is nice but its a big mistake for FIDE to have regulations to issue an IM title for such a weak result. One 9-game result, against average 2165. Highest rated player he beat is 2212. No IM or GM opponents. No IM performance (2451).

    Even the Olympiad title rules have long been changed to give maximum a norm (well a double norm) for a single result, but requiring an actual IM TPR.

    Compare this instant title with the reward for the vastly more difficult task of winning Gold medal in the Under-20 Girls World Championship – reward a single 9 game IM norm.

  5. National Champion of Jamaica FIDE Master Warren Elliott receives sponsored ticket from Western Air to participate in the 2010 Subzonal Championships.

    National Champion of Jamaica FIDE Master Warren Elliott receives sponsored ticket from Western Air to participate in the 2010 Subzonal Championships. Photo courtesy of Zachary Ramsey.

  6. Jomo Pitterson called me from Jamaica today. He shared with me that one of the unknown factors in his success at the subzonal was a training stint he did with GM Maurice Ashley. Jomo was in New York and able to stop by the Marshall Chess Club and watch the New York International with great interest and made some positive comments about some of the youngsters competing. He seemed particularly impressed with Josh Colas. He also revealed that GM Pontus Carlsson had advised him to seek a trainer to round out his talent. He recommended GM Georgy Timoshenko of the Ukraine. Interesting connections!

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