• African nations at Chennai Olympiad!

    African nations traveling to the 2022 Chess Olympiad have traditionally been up to the mark in colorful outfits. This Olympiad will feature a “best dressed” contest. It’s a very interesting, but perhaps tricky idea to compare cultural expressions, but one thing for sure is that African nations will be a…

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  • Acheampong is Africa’s under-9 champ!

    Francis Anquanah recently won the Ghanaian crown for the 7th time, but there is a future contender in Dave Chief Quansah Acheampong. The 8-year old recently won the African Online Chess Championship for the under-9 category. Taught by his father David Achempong at age four, he naturally gravitated toward chess…

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  • Anquandah, Felix… Ghanaian chess champions!

    Eddie Thompson & Francis Anquandah of Ghana during 2014 Chess Olympiad in Tromso, Norway. Photo by Daaim Shabazz. Francis Anquandah won his seventh national title and strengthens his legacy as a trailblazing player of Ghana. Anquandah played on Ghana’s first Olympiad team in Dubai in 1986 after winning his first…

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  • IM Oladapo Adu in Danane, CIV

    Adu’s living nightmare after zonal 4.2… now stranded!

    IM Oladapo Adu at the Liberian border, the day before a torturous journey across two countries by bus, by foot, by motorbike, and canoe. As they crossed the border of Ghana, they were met with armed patrol with guns drawn! Photo by Oladapo Adu. Nigeria’s Oladapo Adu competed in the…

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  • Ghana Chess on GBC News

    Ghana Chess on GBC News during COVID-19

    Interview with chess personalities Philip Ameku and Joe Ditse on GBC News in Ghana

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  • Fawzy, Pires win titles at 2019 African Juniors!

    The 2019 African Junior Championship was an exciting event with the results very much in doubt until the last round. In general, the tournament is usually dominated by a singular talent, but in this year’s event, the top-seeds had to hold off the competition until the very end. WFM Luiza…

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  • African Juniors 2019 going down to the wire!

    FM Massinas Djabri winning over the front runner makes things more interesting. Photo by Babatunde Ogunsiku (African Chess Media) Accra, Ghana has just gotten a bit hotter from the excitement of the penultimate round. The Open Section is undecided as the frontrunner Fy Rakotomaharo (2428) was beaten by Algerian FIDE…

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  • 2019 African Junior Championship (Accra, Ghana)

    Africa rounds out the year showcasing its young talent as the African Junior Championship opens on October 25th. The hotbed of draughts (10×10 checkers) on continent, West Africa is one of the regions looking to increase its profile in chess. Ghana has had a very active 2015 hosting the subzonal…

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  • Ashley propelling chess forward in West Africa

    Maurice Ashley seems to be making Africa his third home. The Jamaican-born, Brooklyn-bred chess impresario has been making his rounds on the Africa continent (Kenya, Rwanda, Namibia, South Africa, Madagascar, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire) for the past several years and making a mark in the process. This year in May,…

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  • Baku 2016: The Africans are Coming!

    >Today the 2016 Olympiad games will officially open with the Opening Ceremonies with 181 teams representing 176 countries. Many of these countries represent the best that each country has to offer. Within the last decade that generally meant a permanent balance of power tilting to Western Europe and North America.…

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