• Somalia finalizes team for 2022 Olympiad

    The Somali Chess Federation had successfully finalized the Olympiad qualifying chess tournament that was held in Mogadishu between 17/05/2022 to 22/05/2022. The event was organized in a professional manner and 10 chess players had participated in the tournament. CM Ali Farah 1st, FM Omar Abdulrahman 2nd, CM Islam Shiekh 3th,…

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  • What is Somalian “Ciyaarta Shataranjiga”?

    In a country will so much turmoil in the past five decades, it becomes important to try to find a way to bring normalcy to ever-present social challenges in Somalia. Chess is played in more than 200 countries with federations in more than 180. Somalia has also ushered in “Chess…

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  • Somalia ushers in “Chess in Schools”

    Chess officials display the equipment to eager onlookers. Somalia has been a member of FIDE since 1987 and has participated in past Chess Olympiads. However, things have been difficult in terms of keeping the momentum going in the Horn of Africa. Fortunately, the Somalia Chess Federation got a boost from…

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  • Baku 2016: The Africans are Coming!

    Today the 2016 Olympiad games will officially open with the Opening Ceremonies with 181 teams representing 176 countries. Many of these countries represent the best that each country has to offer. Within the last decade that generally meant a permanent balance of power tilting to Western Europe and North America.…

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  • 2016 Africa Chess Calendar is out!

    African continental President Lewis Ncube and African Chess Confederation the has released the chess calendar for the 2016 year. It encompasses all the major events, but may include others that have yet to be posted. A number of young federations are being thrust into organizing events in order to get…

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  • Somalia Chess in full gear!

    When one thinks of chess-playing nations, Somalia would not be one of the first nations one would think of. However, the nation has been promoting chess as a means for academic improvement with a “chess-in-schools” program. According to an article on the Somali Chess Federation website, federation President Dr. Abdi…

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