• Anson Williams… King of Freestyle Chess

    Anson Williams enroute to victory at the First Advanced Chess Tournament. Many may not have heard of Anson Williams, but in the world of “advanced” or “freestyle” chess, he is a household name. This form of chess allows each player to bring any amount of chess materials to the game……

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  • The Importance of Chess Literacy

    We often talk about the importance of literacy in society. It is even a contentious issue in some countries… the right to learn to read. Obviously, it is essential to learn the rudiments of writing, reading and speaking. A person respected is one with measured words and a strong pen.…

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  • Checkers solved… Chess next??

    A report has been released that a computer scientist from the University of Alberta has solved the game of checkers (8×8 version). The venerable game which has been a source of entertainment for families has now joined the ranks of tic-tac-toe. This is what Professor Jonathan Schaeffer claims on his…

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  • Computer Love… and Hate

    Did someone drop pieces out of the bag onto the board? Just posted an absolute crazy game for “Game of the Week.” I know it’s old now, but what a brutal battle! It was a game between Deep Junior (Israel) and Deep Fritz (Germany) in the match between these two…

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