• Arianne Caoili

    Arianne Caoili, a sweet soul who gave a chess king his lucky stars

    The chess world is still mourning the loss of Arianne Bo Caoili (pronounced kay-OH-lee) who sadly died March 31st. Her death came two weeks after a horrific single-vehicle accident that shocked the chess world. Arianne was intelligent, articulate and certainly statuesque in appearance. She had an engaging personality and was…

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  • Schoolboys expelled for chess competition

    Kevin (8) and Rowan Willathgamuwa (9) of St. Ives Prep were expelled after playing in the World Youth in Brazil. There have been countless studies on the role chess has played in helping in the development of cognitive abilities and analytical skills. Thus, the wave of popularity has spread “Chess…

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  • Is The Chess Drum a Racist Website?

    Over the years, I have gotten tons of e-mail from chess players all over the world. The Chess Drum has been visited in nearly 200 countries and territories and has peaked at about 200,000 visitors monthly, a lot for a niche site. Most of the traffic outside of its American…

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