Josh Colas: 7th Grade National Champ!

Guy Colas told The Chess Drum that there was an intense focus that his son Josh Colas had before the National K-12 Championships in Orlando, Florida. “As you know Josh never reveals his emotion which is why he is liked so much. However, I can tell when he’s pumped.” The proud father mentioned before the World Youth in Greece that Josh had been preparing intensely to improve his level of play.

Josh made his international debut in Trinidad and followed this success with a respectable showing at the World Youth Championships. Josh has gotten proper guidance and has been working with his trainer. The result… a national championship and a stone’s throw away from breaking the 2200 barrier, the rank of National Master.

“I can tell when he’s pumped.”
~ Guy Colas on son Josh

Currently at 2193, 12-year old Josh is also threatening the new record of his friend Justus Williams, who recently broke the age record for youngest African-American to reach National Master. Both Colas (6.5/7) and Williams (6/7) are scholastic All-Americans and dominated the 7th grade section placing 1st and 2nd. Colas’ only draw was with another New York standout Issac Barayev, who tied for third with 5.5/7.

Josh loving family (mother Yanick and siblings Korey and Chellsie) were pleased with the news of his biggest accomplishment and many of his friends will be glad to see the success of such a deserving and humble player. Congratulations!!

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  1. Congratulations Josh! On National Title December 10-12, 2010! Peace and Blessings to you and your family!

  2. I’m very proud of Josh. He has been raised well and has a pleasant demeanor. I hope I’m able to help him realize his goals… in chess and in life. I’m also glad that he has Justus as a friend. They are developing into a powerful tandem in tournaments! James Black isn’t far behind. They are inspirations for the next generation of chess players, but especially in the worldwide Black community.

  3. A well-deserved win, Josh!! Congratulations on your superb and wonderful showing. We are truly proud of all your accomplishments as we see you grow in the game of chess.

  4. Hi Elizabeth,

    I wanted to drive down to Orlando to follow up on what you suggested, but I was preparing my grades for submission today. It usually involves a lot of drama. On cue, our deadline was moved back until tomorrow because of computer problems. Anyway… good job with NY318! You’re doing a great job!

    P.S. About to go watch Corbblah on JEOPARDY! 🙂

  5. Watching my nephew, Joshua, mature both in chess and in life has brought immeasurable joy to me and his parents. Congratulations Josh !!! Guy, you too deserve a special thanks for your steadfast support and unwavering commitment thereby making all of this possible.

  6. Big Congratulations to Joshua. He and I have been there for each other since the beginning, when i first met him at Central Park. It’s been amazing watching his growth. 7 more points away from the national master’s title should be nothing for a national champion. Josh, Goodluck on your future endeavors.

  7. Chess friends,

    It is my hope that what Josh, Justus, James and others are accomplishing in chess will encourage many more kids to get engage. Joshua is extremely thankful to everyone who has and continues to support him .

  8. Awesome job Josh, your accomplishments have inspired me to get my kids involve in chess. I can’t wait till you reach National Master, better yet youngest African American GM!

  9. The good thing is there is so much talent coming up. The Bryant twins are right there plus Darrian Robinson just went back over 2000. These accomplishments will help them get into good schools. I cannot recount how chess has helped me, both academically and professionally. GM Amon Simutowe is perhaps the best example in our community of how chess can open many doors. I want these young players to meet him one day. He is now studying at Oxford and became a GM from a small town, with few chess resources and no trainer. They all should read his story. I wrote many stories about him.

    “The GM Journey of Amon Simutowe”

  10. Hey josh congratulations on another great achievement, hoping to read “The GM Journey of Josh Colas” someday. Hope to see you next year in Trinidad.

    1. Joshua Broke the record! With an astonshing rating of 2203 :D. Congratulations to Joshua and his family. I knew he could do it, it was just a matter of time.

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