• Congo’s Mashala Kabamwanishi shines at Olympiad

    The Chess Olympiad is chock full of inspirational stories that become part of the event’s history. The Olympiad in Batumi had more than 180 nations participating so there was no shortage of them. In fact, ChessBase India did the best job in capturing the essence of wide experiences among the…

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  • Baku 2016: The Africans are Coming!

    >Today the 2016 Olympiad games will officially open with the Opening Ceremonies with 181 teams representing 176 countries. Many of these countries represent the best that each country has to offer. Within the last decade that generally meant a permanent balance of power tilting to Western Europe and North America.…

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  • 2016 Africa Chess Calendar is out!

    African continental President Lewis Ncube and African Chess Confederation the has released the chess calendar for the 2016 year. It encompasses all the major events, but may include others that have yet to be posted. A number of young federations are being thrust into organizing events in order to get…

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  • The Congo to host 2015 All-Africa Games

    The 2015 All Africa Games in the Republic of the Congo In 2015, the All Africa Games will be held along the outskirts of Brazzaville, Republic of The Congo. This is an auspicious occasion for the All Africa Games because this will be its 50th anniversary. The first games were…

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  • Chess in the Congo!

    The President of the Spanish CF Javier Ochoa visited the city of Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (former Zaire) from 2 to 8 December invited by the Spanish Embassy in the frame of the Embassy’s cultural activities. Spain’s Chess Federation President Javier Ochoa with Congolese chess officials.…

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