Historic Moments (Index of Moments)

The Emory Tate Variation

(November-December 2010)

Justus Williams…Master at 12!

(September-October 2010)

Farai Mandizha: International Master

(July-August 2010)

Justus Williams: National Elementary Champ

(May-June 2010)

Baraka Shabazz: Black Queen of Chess

(March-April 2010)

2010: The Year of the Haitian Tragedy

(January-February 2010)

IM Michael Schleifer (1967-2009)

(November-December 2009)

Anand in Africa!

(September-October 2009)

Simutowe GM title Conferred!

(July-August 2009)

Charles Lawton, St. Louis Legend

(May -June 2009)

Hip-Hop Chess: Legends RZA & Tate

(March-April 2009)

The Obama Challenge

(January-February 2009)

2008 Olympiad Images: The African Diaspora

(November-December 2008)

The 2008 Nigerian Diaspora Qualifiers

(September-October 2008)

NM Kayin Barclay: Gentleman/Scholar

(July-August 2008)

Queens of New York!

(May-June 2008)

Drum Majors battle in Europe!

(March-April 2008)

Black Stars at the U.S. Denker

(January-February 2008)

The Marvel of GM Pontus Carlsson

(November-December 2007)

The GM Journey of Amon Simutowe

(September-October 2007)

9th All-Africa Games

(July-August 2007)

The Founding of the Hip-Hop Chess Federation

(May-June 2007)

The Rising of the Black Star

(March-April 2007)

The Chess Drum’s “Wall of Fame”

(January-February 2007)

Darrian Robinson at 2006 World Youth in Batumi

(November-December 2006)

Leroy Muhammad: A Forgotten Star

(September-October 2006)

Emory Tate earns 3rd IM Norm!

(July-August 2006)

Africa & the Caribbean at the 2006 Chess Olympiad

(May-June 2006)

The Caged Bird: The Story of T.A. Thompson

(March-April 2006)

James McCune Smith: Essay on CHESS

(March-April 2006)

A Conversation with Walter Harris

(January-February 2006)

Stanley Chumfwa qualifies for FIDE World Cup!

(November-December 2005)

Michael Davis: 2004 U.S. Blind Champion

(September-October 2005)

Jorge Renteriá & Afro-Columbian Chess

(July-August 2005)

DC/Maryland Legends

(May-June 2005)

1981 US Amateur Team – Covington leads DC Capitol Punishers!

(March-April 2005)

Stephen Muhammad at the U.S. Championships

(January-February 2005)

Book Review: “Magnificence in Bled: The 35th Chess Olympiad”

(November-December 2004)

1992 African-American Unity Tournaments

(September-October 2004)

Africans in 2004 FIDE World Championship

(July-August 2004)

The 1989 U.S. Open

(May-June 2004)

The Honorable George Neves Leighton

(March-April 2004)

Medina Parrilla at World Championships in Greece

(January-February 2004)

Country Spotlight: Martinique

(November-December 2003)

Ten of the Best Chess Games played by Black Masters

(September-October 2003)

Country Spotlight: Mauritius

(July-August 2003)

Roberts Vaux “Bad Bishops”

(May-June 2003)

Emory Tate, Jr. – 5-time Armed Forces Champ!

(March-April 2003)

Ashley & Muhammad at U.S. Championship

(January-February 2003)

Photos from 2002 Chess Olympiad (Bled, Slovenia)

(November-December 2002)

Ancient Chess in Africa!

(September-October 2002)

The Wilbert Paige Memorial Chess Tournament

(July-August 2002)

A Brief History of Black Chess Masters in America

(May-June 2002)

CHESS from the around the World!

(March-April 2002)

Black History Month: A Special Tribute!!

(January-February 2002)

NM Frank Street: Chess Pioneer

(January-February 2002)

NM Rogelio Ortega of Cuba

(November-December 2001)

The 2001 World Open

(September-October 2001)

Black Bear School, Unity tournaments, group photos

(July-August 2001)

African nations at the 1996 Chess Olympiad
in Yerevan, Armenia

(May-June 2001)

Baraka Shabazz and K.K. Karanja

(March-April 2001)

Charles Lawton, Morris Giles (1982 Midwest Masters)
Maurice Ashley, R.O. Mitchell, Kimani Stancil
(1989 US Open)

(January-February 2001)

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