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Dear chess community,

The year is coming to a close and it has been quite an exciting year for The Chess Drum. The site is closing in on 200 stories for the year and has covered major events including the Tata Steel, World Candidates, U.S. Championship (live), African Championships, Tal Memorial, World Cup, Women’s World Championship, the Sinquefield Cup (live), World Championship and finally the World Team. There have also been an number of interesting stories (Hip-Hop Chess and Ghana!), national tournaments in far-flung places (Tanzania Open!) and unfortunately, the loss of a few chess figures such as FM Morris Giles, FM Ronald Simpson and International Arbiter Jerry Bibuld. You can always follow the latest news of The Chess Drum at the newsbriefs index at

As we close out the year, we look forward to a year with a new World Champion and the upcoming Olympiad with the Presidential election with Garry Kasparov as the challenger. The Chess Drum plans to be in Tromso, Norway for the event. We also have a $1,000,000 tournament being hosted by GM Maurice Ashley, an event that has the chess world buzzing in the past few days. The Chess Drum will start out the year in Vietnam! Look forward to an exciting new year as we close out 2013!

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  1. Wonderful site and very informative Daaim, thanks for the dedicataion! did ya see the Beyonce surprise? 800,000 hits on itunes!!! LOL

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