2013 Tanzania Open (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

Tanzania Tanzania Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the most scenic countries in Africa. When I traveled to Arusha, Tanzania in 2010, I was enthralled by the warmth of the people and the natural beauty of the landscape. Of course there were the wonderful safari outings that are a must-see! The fledgling chess community of Tanzania will host an open event and has gotten confirmation that GM Nigel Short will participate in the event.

Standings/Results: https://chess-results.com/
PGN Games: Round 1-4

You’ll see nature at its finest!
Photo by Daaim Shabazz.


  1. Photos from Tanzania by Daaim Shabazz.

    Kenya-Tanzania border

    Freedom Torch in Arusha, Tanzania

    Flock of ostriches

    A couple of gazelles taking in the fresh breeze.

    Breathtaking scenery!

    A view from the top of the crater… it is a 4,000 foot drop to the bottom.

  2. Great things for Chess in Tanzania. Congrats and good luck to the organisers, sponsors and players from the Jamaican Chess fraternity. Nice of Nigel to participate.

  3. Very pleased to see this! The most under-appreciated country in Africa. Very little violence, diverse natural beauty from Zanzibar to Ngorongoro to Kilimanjaro to Gombe to all the beaches, and great street food (especially cassava, mandazi, madafu and kahawa). Dar-es-salaam traffic is horrible these days though from what I hear (was last there in 2005).

  4. Opening Ceremony 2013 Tanzanian Open
    Photos by Brian Kidula.

    Flags of some of the participating countries.


    Registration in progress.

    Opening Ceremony

    Lewis Ncube of Zambia addressing the players and staff.

    Playing Venue… good conditions!

    Kenya’s Ben Magana

    GM Nigel Short before the tournament’s start.


    Uganda’s recently crowned International Master Elijah Emojong and Haruna Nsubuga are enjoying an early joint lead with British GM Nigel Short, Romanian WGM Alina L’Ami and Kenya’s Ben Magana, Wachania William, Mehul Gohil and Phillip Singe with each having won the first two games played in the ongoing Dar es Salaam Open that runs from 14th to 16th June 2013.

    Emojong beat Primulus Kasaija and fellow country man Raphael Buti in the first and second rounds respectively while Nsubuga beat Lakhani Navichanbdra Karsandas and Emmanuel Mwaisumbe. Buti who lost to Emojong is on one point out of a possible two.

    IM Elijah Emojong
    Photo from https://www.chesseventseac.com/.

    Third and fourth rounds continue on Saturday 15th June 2013. A total of 6 rounds will be played in the FIDE rated event arbitrated by Uganda’s FA Stephen Kisuze.

    GM Short registered two quick wins against Jobin John and Bujji Yarlagadda.

    A total of 66 players from Kenya, Zanzibar, India, UK, Romania, Tanzania and Uganda are slugging it out for the top prize of 1,000,000/= Tanzania shillings staked by event sponsors Spicenet Tanzania Limited. There are cash prizes for the top five players totalling two million Tanzania shillings.

    The biggest upset in the second round was a hard fought draw that Kenya’s Collins Young pulled off against Zambian IM Gillian Bwalya.

    Earlier in the first round, Kenya’s Candidate Master John Makubi was upset by Tanzania’s Emmanuel Mwaisumbe.

    Vianney Luggya
    in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

    Uganda Chess Federation
    P.O. Box 2355, Kampala – Uganda.
    National Council of Sports Headquarters, Lugogo
    Tel: +256-752-426559
    Email: ugandachess@yahoo.com
    Website: https://uganda.fide.com


    Mehul Gohil of Kenya

    Uganda’s IM Elijah Emjong won his third round game against India’s Reddy Deepthamsh and so did Haruna Nsubuga against Kenya’s Philip Singe to each get to 3 points out of a possible 3. GM Nigel Short and WGM Alina L’Ami had earlier won their games against Hamoulhadj Fouad and Raju J. K. respectively.

    Zambia’s Chumfwa Kelvin beat Kenya’s Wachania William as Kenya’s Nathan Ateka beat fellow country man Mehul Gohil to also join the leaders. Round 4 games continue later this afternoon.

    Kenya’s Ben Magana drew with Zambia’s Chitumbo Mwali.

    In the fourth round that starts in 45 minutes, GM Short is scheduled to play Kenya’s Ateka, WGM Alina plays Zambia’s Chumfwa Kelvin, Emojong plays fellow countryman Haruna Nsubuga and Magana takes on Zambia’s IM Gillian Bwalya.

    Details of the event can be accessed on the link:

    Uganda Chess Federation
    P.O. Box 2355, Kampala – Uganda.
    National Council of Sports Headquarters, Lugogo
    Tel: +256-752-426559
    Email: ugandachess@yahoo.com
    Website: https://uganda.fide.com

    Photos on Day #2

    WGM Alina L’Ami of Romania taking her signature shots of the event. She most likely to will do a photo essay.

    Checking the pairings and standings. Nice shirt! 🙂


    Relaxing before the round.

    Round four is set to begin!


    Ugandans sweep two prizes

    Uganda’s IM Elijah Emojong put up a gallant fight against British Grandmaster Nigel Short in the sixth and final round of the Dar es Salaam Open but was undone by a passed h Pawn in the ending to lose the battle and finish the event in second position behind the GM.

    To win the event, Short beat Nathan Ateka, WGM Alina L’Ami, and Emojong among others. On his part, Emojong won five games beating Kenya’s Ben Magana, Primulus Kasaija, India’s Reddy Deepthamsh and fellow countrymen Raphael Buti and Haruna Nsubuga before losing to Short.

    Nsubuga himself finished with 5 points as well and in fourth position behind Zambia’s Chumfwa Kelvin.

    Nsubuga who also won five and lost one beat Lakhan Kandarasi (Tanzania), Emmanuel Mwaisumbe (Tanzania), Philip Singe (Kenya), Wachania William (Kenya) and Collins Young (Kenya). He only lost to fellow country man Emojong.

    India’s Reddy Deepthmash stunned Romania’s WGM Alina L’Ami in the last round to get himself into the prize bracket (fifth position). The Romanian female Grandmaster finished in tenth position.

    The top five prizes were as follows: 1000 dollars, 500 dollars, 300 dollars, 100 dollars, 100 dollars. For his efforts, Short won 1000 US dollars, Emojong 500 dollars and Nsubuga 100 dollars.

    The Spicenet Sponsored event was the first of its kind to be held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and attracted 66 participants from Kenya, India, UK, Romania, Tanzania, Zambia, Finland and Uganda.

    The event was also graced with the presence of FIDE Vice President, Lewis Ncube who handed over prizes to the winners.


    Vianney Luggya
    Uganda Chess Federation
    P.O. Box 2355, Kampala – Uganda.
    National Council of Sports Headquarters, Lugogo
    Tel: 256-752-426559
    Email: ugandachess@yahoo.com
    Website: https://uganda.fide.com

    Photos on Day #3

    Group photo before round.

    Photos on display.

    Ben Magana had a good result.

    Another view!

    GM Nigel Short vs. Nathan Ateka, 1-0

    Following the action!

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