9th All-Africa Games (Algiers, Algeria)

The Opening Ceremony was memorable, but  the games' organization has brought mixed reviews.

The 9th All-Africa Games kicked off on July 12th and to much fanfare and anticipation. The Opening Ceremonies received rave review for its pageantry and color. However, from the beginning there were many problems as several delegations had visa problems and even those who got to Algiers had problems with accommodations, transportation and meals. It was also reported that the athletes were living in cramped quarters and that there was neither telephone, nor Internet/e-mail access.

From a logistical point of view, the Games leave a lot to be desired and cast a shadow on what would otherwise be an event extolling Pan-African unity. The games will extend until July 23rd and thus far host Algeria has piled up the overall medal count. In terms of the chess event, there is sparse coverage with limited photos and no recorded game being transmitted. After a rough start, report has seen a marked improvement and the Algeria authorities have kept the results up-to-date.

City: Algiers
Country: ALG
Organizer: The Organizing Committee and the Algerian Chess Federation
Telephone: (213) 21-658 538
Email: fajedz@yahoo.fr
Fax: (213) 21-658 538
Address: 7 rue Omar Amimour, Algiers, Algeria
Type: Standard
System: Swiss


The Chess Drum, "9th All-Africa Games: Egypt & Algeria hold leads!," 19 July 2007.

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Posted by The Chess Drum:  17 July 2007

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