Historic Moments: Justus Williams… K6 Champion

Ever since Justus Williams burst on the scholastic scene, the word on him was, he had a very mature style for a scholastic player. With many scholastic players, there is a tendancy to over-emphasize openings and tactics to the neglect of sound positional principles.

There is also another attribute spectators notice about young Justus… his patience and board demeanor. These are rare qualities and perhaps prerequisites to reaching National Master level. So the new question is, “When will Justus Williams reach Master level?” The answer is an open-ended, “Soon.”

Justus won the 2010 K6 Elementary championship last month adding yet another notch to his impressive start. He is already a scholastic All-American and will represent the U.S. at the World Youth Championship in Haldiki, Greece in October. He is currently playing in the New York International and hopes to compete in the World Open in July.

Justus is someone to keep an eye on!


  1. OMG !! Justus I’m so proud of you!! You will be representing the U.S. in Greece WOW!! That is wonderful!! Wish you the best and keep on winning!!!I know you can do it!
    Love BP

  2. Lets go Justus, keeep working hard and your gonna achieve your dreams…we believe in you buddy!!!

  3. Plus, Justus did it at age 12, 3 years earlier than the previous recordholder for youngest African-American master (Kassa Korley).

    The link to the tournament where Justus broke the record is here (accomplished on September 23, 2010):

    Daaim should write up the article on Justus soon, because Josh Colas is only 35 points away from becoming a master himself, and has about 4-5 months to break Justus’ record :).

  4. Justus won the New York High School Championship a month ago. He is not yet in high school so he cannot qualify for the Denker Tournament of High School Champions, but what a great achievement!

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