Historic Moments: Medina Parrilla at 2003 World Championships in Greece

Lapshun and Parrilla play a game against a picturesque backdrop.

Bronx native, Medina Parrilla journeyed to Halkidiki, Greece to compete in the Under-12 championships and scored a respectable 6-5. The Bronx Times’ Noah Fowle penned an article about the 12-year old star and although she downplayed the attention she has been getting, the trip to Greece appeared to make quite an impression. Her determination has become a trademark and she certainly impressed after coming in 27th out of 85 competitors. She defeated a couple of the top-seeded players and gained valuable experience in the process.

While her mother and coaches were still gushing with praise, Medina wasn’t finished. A month later, she won the 7th grade National Championship in Chicago and led her school MS-118 to the team championship. Perhaps the trip to Greece will be an instrumental point in the chess life of this young lady. Congratulations Medina!!

Medina Parrilla in action.Fritz Gaspard (coach), Luz Parrilla (mother), Medina Parrilla, IM Yury Lapshun (coach) at the Coliseum at Poseidon.

Medina Parrilla in action; (L-R) Fritz Gaspard (coach), Luz Parrilla (Medina’s mother), Medina Parrilla, IM Yury Lapshun (coach) at the Coliseum at Poseidon.

A view of Thessalonika… a life-changing experience.Parrilla awaits the start of the round.

A view of Thessalonika… a life-changing experience. Parrilla awaits the start of the round.

Photos courtesy of chessintheschools.org

See Noah Fowles, “Chess Prodigy Competes Internationally,”
Bronx Times, 11 December 2003

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