Month: September 2012

  • Follow the Drum!

    The Chess Drum was live in Istanbul with coverage of the 40th Olympiad and it was an exciting event indeed. We were on site and captured history with photos, interviews and stories to bring life to the event for those who were not there. There were many breaking stories including…

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  • Orrin Hudson takes K.A.S.H. to Jersey!

    Former State Trooper and Presiding Superior Court Judge Join to Inspire Youth to ‘Be Someone’ “ChessFest” is coming! This unique September Lakewood event, according to organizers, will inspire young people to think ahead, plan, execute and utilize the components of chess to sharpen the mind and motivate them to become…

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  • Tournaments

    2012 São Paulo/Bilbao Grand Slam

    Concurrently running with the London Grand Prix tournament, the Bilbao Chess Masters Final has begun and features World Champion Viswanathan Anand along with world’s two top-rated players Magnus Carlsen and Levon Aronian. The field also has frontliners Sergey Karjakin, Fabiano Caruana with the lone Spanish contender in Francisco Vallejo-Pons. 2012…

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  • Botswana

    Drum Interviews @ Istanbul Olympiad

    Olympiad tournaments are full of interesting personalities ranging from professional players, to enthusiastic organizers and to national champions in tiny chess countries. IM Kenneth Solomon The Chess Drum was able to get 12 interviews during the 40th Chess Olympiad including its third with three-time Olympic champion Levon Aronian. Please sit…

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  • New in Chess (2012/6)

    Wang Hao officially enters stardom gracing the cover of the latest New In Chess. While China is a rising power in chess, news on the rise of China is rather scarce. This story is a refreshing entry into news often dominated by the same faces. Wang Hao is a phenomenon.…

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  • Media Stories

    Olympiad book copied from

    Dear Chess World, Those of us in the small community of chess journalism commit to this task as a labor of love. There is no quantifying the amount of time and energy invested in telling the story of chess to the world. Many of us who cover chess have full-time…

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  • Olympiad

    Reflections on Istanbul Olympiad

    I have always wanted to visit Turkey. It is one of those places that one reads about in school. The Ottoman Empire and the vision of Kemal Attaturk are those I had known about, but to see the famous Blue Mosque was something I had to witness. The 40th Chess…

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  • 2012 Chess Olympiad: Closing Ceremonies

    Champions Cup The 40th Chess Olympiad came to a close on Sunday evening as the medal ceremonies crowned a number of winners. The crowning moments came at the end when both the Armenian men and the Russian women climbed the podium for the gold. If this Olympiad has told us…

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  • 2012 Chess Olympiad: Round #11

    Top Boards (Open) Ukraine 3-1 China Hungary 1½-2½ Armenia Russia 3-1 Germany Poland 1½-2½ USA Argentina 1-3 Netherlands Full Results GM Levon Aronian. Photo by Daaim Shabazz. Armenia wins their third gold in the last four Olympiad as they stormed to victory over Hungary. Matched with China’s devastating 3-1 loss…

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  • Africa

    Solomon gets Olympiad double norm!

    In the past few years, life has really changed for IM Kenny Solomon. Now married with a daughter and living in Italy, his life has a new purpose. When I interviewed Solomon after the sixth round, I asked him if this life change helped his chess and he stated that…

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