2010 Caribbean Chess Carnival (Trinidad)

Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago

The Trinidadian Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs and the Trinidad & Tobago Chess Foundation will be hosting its annual Caribbean Chess Carnival from August 3rd – August 8th. The tournament has become a popular fixture in the Caribbean and hopes to attract a strong field in the Open section. There will be three junior sections drawing player from around the Caribbean. Please check www.caribbeanchesscarnival.com for more details.


| 3 August 2010 | 4 August 2010 | 5 August 2010 |
| 6 August 2010 | 7 August 2010 | 8 August 2010 |


| Open | Under-20 | Under-14 | Under-10 |


See beautiful photos from Trinidad’s Emancipation Day!


Listen exclusive interviews from tournament participants!


  1. Thirty-seven players are in the Open section. The following titled players are in the Open Section:

    GM Gennadi Sagalchik
    IM Rafael Prasca
    IM Kevin Denny
    IM Nestor Velez
    IM Oladapo Adu
    IM Julio Ostos
    IM Terry Farley
    IM-elect Jomo Pitterson
    FM Ryan Harper
    Trinidad & Tobago

  2. Photos from Opening


    Trinidad Staff: Edison Raphael, Christopher Raphael, Harry Amow

    L-R: Josh Colas (USA), Guy Colas (USA), IM Oladapo Adu (Nigeria)

    FM Martyn DelCastilho (Barbados), Marcus Joseph (Trinidad), IM Terry Farley (Barbados), FM Ryan Harper (Trinidad), Ravishen Singh (Trinidad)

    Trinidadian schoolchildren from San Fernando’s Grant Memorial Presbyterian School.

    FM Ryan Harper of Trinidad always making a fashion statement.

    Edison Raphael making opening announcements.

    Edison Raphael introducing the titled players in the Open section: IM-elect Jomo Pitterson (greeting other Masters), IM Oladapo Adu (Nigeria), FM Ryan Harper (Trinidad), IM Julio Ostos (Venezuela), IM Nestor Velez (Cuba), IM Rafael Prasca (Venezuela), GM Gennadi Sagalchik (USA).

    Coreen Cabralis, Secretary of Trinidad Chess Association

    Coreen Cabralis making ceremonial move on board #1
    with Gennadi Sagalchik.

    Keron Cabralis joins the opening festivities.

    San Fernando’s Grant Memorial Presbyterian School

    Suriname Delegation

    Barbados: IM Terry Farley, FM Martyn DelCastilho, IM Kevin Denny

    Photos from Round #1

    Ravishen Singh facing an upstart Josh Colas.

    Alex Winter-Roach vs. GM Gennadi Sagalchik

    Jamaica’s Jomo Pitterson

    Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe of Suriname

    Rodrigo Bermudez Hernandez of Venezuela

    Under-10 Section

    Ricardo Velasco (Venezuela) vs. Terry Farley (Barbados)

    Full Set (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=4912524&l=56f6162505&id=513866269


    Date : August 3rd, 2010

    To : Sport Editor

    From : Trinidad & Tobago Chess Foundation

    Contact : Edison Raphael – President 678-0132

    Chess Carnival in the Oval!

    Seven Chess masters vie for top honours in The Caribbean Chess Carnival which got off to an exciting start on Tuesday 3rd August with over 150 players from across the globe. The six-day tournament organized by the Trinidad and Tobago Chess Foundation is taking place at the Queen’s Park Cricket Club with participants from Barbados, Cuba, Jamaica, Holland, Nigeria, St. Lucia, Suriname, United States of America, Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago. It has attracted US Grandmaster Gennady Sagalchik and International Chess Masters Rafael Prasca and Julio Ostos of Venezuela, Oladapo Adu of Nigeria, Nestor Velez of Cuba, Kevin Denny and Terry Farley of Barbados and Jomo Pitterson of Jamaica.

    After the first day’s play which included two rounds, Ashwari Akloe of Suriname jointly leads the field of 33 players in the Under 10 age group with 2 points together with Jeremy Ammon of Trinidad and Tobago. In the Under 14 section, twenty-eight players are competing for the top spot. Six are tied on two points after two rounds, T & T’s Joshua Johnson, Jarryon Paul, Christian Ammon and Melchizedek Pegus and Pierre Chang of Suriname.

    Five players out of a field of 22 players share full points thus far in the Under 20 division after two rounds. They are FIDE Master David Finol and Eduardo Valasquez of Venezuela together with T and T’s Keron Cabralis and Vishnu Singh and Suriname’s Calvin Tjong Tjin Joe.

    Trinidadian Mario Merritt is among five players in the Open section on full points following the first two rounds. Merritt, a FIDE Master is the only local player in the top ten places in this section. He is tied with Grandmaster Sagalchik of USA together with International Masters Rafael Prasca and Julio Ostos of Venezuela and Oladapo Adu of Nigeria.

    The 9-round Swiss-style tournament will end on Sunday 8th August, where trophies will be presented to the first ten places and a total prize fund of $30,000 will be distributed to the first five winners, across all four categories: under-10, under-14, under-20 and Open.

    Full details are available on the tournament website daily: https://www.caribbeanchesscarnival.com.

  4. Photos from Round #2

    Wuilmary Hernandez of Venezuela

    Josh Colas (USA) vs. IM Nestor Velez (Cuba)
    (Open Section)

    Marcus Joseph (Trinidad)
    (Open Section)

    IM Terry Farley (Barbados) vs. German Herrera (Venezuela)
    (Open Section)

    Fun and games in between rounds.

    Christopher Raphael (Trinidad) vs. FM David Finol (Venezuela)

    Queen’s Park at sunset.

  5. Video of Open Section (Round #3)

    IM Terry Farley (Barbados)

    IM-elect Jomo Pitterson (Jamaica) vs. FM Mario Merritt (Trinidad)

    IM Rafael Prasca (Venezuela) vs. IM Oladapo Adu (Nigeria)

    12-year old Ricardo Velasco of Venezuela
    playing in the Open Section

  6. Photos from Rounds 4 & 5

    Jonathan Pitterson of Jamaica

    Under-20 section… Sterling Ramroach peering at camera.

    IM Kevin Denny of Barbados readying himself for round four encounter.

    Jomo Pitterson (Jamaica) vs. Ricardo Velasco (Venezuela)

    FM Michel Pouchet (Trinidad) vs. Josh Colas (USA)

    Guy and Joshua Colas at the Falls at West Mall

    Wasudha Malgie of Suriname brought eight school children from Combinatie Sport Vereniging (CSV). She is the President of the chess club with about 80 members.

    Ulises Hernandez Bermudez in battle against Jomo Pitterson.

    Trindiadians Keron Cabralis and Vishnu Singh play a pivotal round five encounter. Cabralis was victorious and went onto 5/5.

    Alex Winter-Roach and FM Ryan Harper focus on plan ahead.

    Wasudha Malgie analyzing with IM Nestor Velez, the Suriname coach.

    Ashwari Akloe getting help on her game. The win pushed her to 5/5.

    Ms. Wasudha in a teachable moment with Ashwari.

    Full Set (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=192548&id=513866269&l=4394101fbd


    Date : August 6th, 2010

    To : Sport Editor

    From : Trinidad & Tobago Chess Foundation

    Contact : Edison Raphael – President 678-0132

    US leads, Cuban in Hot Pursuit

    US GM Gennadij Sagalchik took over the lead in the Open category of the Caribbean Chess Carnival with a win today over Nigerian IM Oladapo Adu in the sixth round. Adu, who played unbeaten up to round 6 blundered in his match with Sagalchik and slipped to 5th place in the ranking. Sagalchik’s win pushes him to the top of the rankings after the 6 round. Sagalchik who had two draws in rounds 3 and 4 has played unbeaten so far. However, in hot pursuit is Cuban Ariel Marichal with 5 points. Trailing the Cuban are Rafael Prasca and Julio Ostos of Venezuela on 4.5 points each.

    Young Venezuelan Fide Master David Emmanuel Finol is the top ranked player in the under 20 section. Finol, who is on 5 points, lost his third round game to Vishnu Singh of Trinidad and Tobago but went on to win his next 2 games including his highly anticipated match against Trinidad and Tobago’s new Fide Master, Keron Cabralis. Finol and Cabralis are on equal points but Finol’s victory over Cabralis pushes him to the top spot in the rankings after 6 rounds. Trailing on 4.5 points are Trinidadians Vishnu Singh and Christopher Raphael and Eduardo Velasquez of Venezuela.

    In the under 14 division T&T’s Christian Ammon ended his winning streak today with a loss to T & T’s Junior Champion Joshua Johnson putting Johnson in the lead with 5.5 points after 6 games. Johnson is followed by Allon Richards of Barbados and Christian Ammon who are jointly ranked second with 5 points. Pierre Chang of Holland is in fourth on 4.5 points.

    Lawrence Foreman of Jamaica leads the under 10 section with 5.5 points after 6 games. Three players, Ashwari Akloe of Suriname, Justin Labastide and Safiya Lambert of Trinidad and Tobago trail in second with 5 points each. They are followed by Aliard Jerome and Gabriella Johnson both from T & T with 4.5 points each.

    The six-day annual tournament organised by the Trinidad and Tobago Chess Foundation is taking place at the Queen’s Park Cricket Club with participants from Barbados, Cuba, Holland, Jamaica, Nigeria, St. Lucia, Suriname, United States, Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago.

    The 9-round Swiss-style tournament which started on the 3rd will end on Sunday 9th August, where trophies will be presented to the first ten finishers and a total prize fund of $30,000 will be distributed to the first five winners, across all four categories: Under-10, Under-14, Under-20 and Open.

  8. Photos from Round #7

    Joshua Colas has the look of determination as he gazes at FM Ryan Harper. Jomo Pitterson and Terry Farley agreed to a quick “IM draw”.

    Parents and supporters

    Alex Winter-Roach is looking to be the “Terminator” in his match against Ramon Zambrano. However, the game was drawn.

    Julio Ostos (right) could not hold his compatriot IM Rafael Prasca.

    Player needs help on a chess matter.
    Children were patient… chess has many virtues.

    Jonathan Wilson showing national pride… and his World Cup favorite.

    Youth discussing rules. Of course, this is not allowed, but a helper came soon.

    Mario Merritt getting a good view of the board against Romario Sanches.

    Rahel and Chantal were working diligently at the tournament.

    Joshua Colas battling FM Ryan Harper in round #7 of the Caribbean Chess Carnival. The 11-year old All-American defeated the former Trinidadian National Champion. Harper trots out his pet Dragon, but Colas eschews the main lines (which Harper knows well).

    Guy Colas watching his son in action.

    The “Young Lion” on the prowl.

    Harper resigned and they signed the scoresheets.

    The signed scoresheets.

    Video of Colas-Harper

    Photos from Round #8

    Dr. Daaim Shabazz of The Chess Drum

    IM Oladapo Adu (Nigeria) vs. IM Terry Farley (Barbados)

    Josh Colas getting set to face IM Kevin Denny

    FM Mario Merritt (Trinidad) vs. Ricardo Velasco (Venezuela)

    The Pride of the English-speaking Caribbean
    FM Ryan Harper (Trinidad), IM-elect Jomo Pitterson (Jamaica) and
    IM Kevin Denny (Barbados)

    Martyn Del Castilho trying to get the round nine pairings.

    Full Set (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=193458&id=513866269&l=222c4c5a69


    Date : August 7th, 2010

    To : Sport Editor

    From : Trinidad & Tobago Chess Foundation

    Contact : Edison Raphael – President 1-(868)-678-0132

    Subject : TT’s Fide Master Ryan Harper upset by 11 year old American.

    Trinidad and Tobago’s top ranked player Fide Master Ryan Harper was upset by 11 year old Joshua Colas of the USA on the penultimate day of the 9th Annual Caribbean Chess Carnival at the Century Ballroom at the Queen’s Park Club in Wood brook. In what can be considered the most surprising result of the tournament, Harper, a four-time national champion with an international rating of 2262 was out-played by the unrated youngster who is playing in his first international tournament.

    Harper, playing the black pieces, started with the Dragon variation of the Sicilian Defence against Colas’ King’s Pawn opening. The White Plains New York resident gained an early advantage when Harper who did not play the main line of the Dragon variation. Colas built on the lead and maintained the edge until the T and T star player played conceded defeat on the 77th move. Harper has represented at the most prestigious tournament of the world, the Chess Olympiad is currently preparing for this year’s contest in Siberia, Russia.

    Speaking after the match, Colas said he was elated. “I feel happy and proud of myself.” Going into the game the White Plain Middle School student said he eager to play his more experienced opponent. “I felt excited. I was really into the game and was focused and wanted to win.” Joshua Nick Colas has been playing chess for four years will celebrate his 12th birthday. He trains with his dad, Guy Colas who was present to see his charge score the upset win. He said he said the tournament is going very well for him and is looking forward to acquiring an International rating at the end.

    Colas opted to play in the Open category instead of the Under 14 division because he was looking for experience. “I wanted to see how it is to play with the big people”. He plays his final match on Sunday morning at 9 o”clock.


    Date : August 7th, 2010
    To : Sport Editor
    From : Trinidad & Tobago Chess Foundation
    Contact : Edison Raphael – President 1-(868)-678-0132
    Subject : Day Five round up.

    The race for titles at the Ninth Caribbean Chess Carnival will be determined after the ninth and final round on Sunday at the Century Ballroom at the Queen’s Park Cricket Club. The rivalries have intensified with an upset win in the Open category by an 11 year old and the lead changing hands in the age categories.

    Gennadij Sagalchik of the US continued his quest for the Open title after maintaining his overnight lead. Grand Master Sagalchik beat Ariel Marchial of Cuba but was held to a draw by another Cuban Nestor Velez Bentacourt. He now has a 0.5 point cushion over Rafael Prasca Sosa of Venezuela with Nigerian Adu Olapado in third.

    Fide Master David Emmanuel Finol of Venezuela is locked in battle with fellow Fide Master Keron Cabralis of Trinidad and Tobago for the Under 20 title. Both remained tied, now on 7 points after entering the sixth round on 5.0 and winning their two games. However, Finol is ahead on the tie breaker having defeated Cabralis in an earlier round. Cabralis’ compatriot Vishnu Singh lies in third on 5.5 points just ahead of Eduardo Velaquez of Venezuela. Singh scored an upset win over Finol in the third round.

    Joshua Johnson continues to lead the under 14 division. The TT national junior champion improved to 7.5 points following a draw and a win in today’s two rounds. Christian Ammon (TT) is in second one full point behind with Jayson Paul and Allon Richards in third on 5.5 points.

    Justin Labastide (Trinidad and Tobago) took the lead in the under 10 competition with a victory over overnight leader Jamaican Lawrence Foreman in the eight round. Labastide is on 7 points, 0.5 ahead of Foreman with the final round on Sunday. Overnight leader Ashwari Akloe of Suriname dropped to third after losing to Labastide in the sixth and rebounded with a victory in her next match.

    The six tournament ends with the closing ceremony set for 3 o’clock in the afternoon with performances by Denyse Plummer and Darryl Reid.

  11. Photos from Round #9 and Closing Ceremonies

    This is a wonderful eggplant dish. I know it as “baba ghanouj” but in Trinidad, it is called something else. The way Ms. June Edwards fixed it was delicious!

    Daaim Shabazz and Aubrey Kappel of Suriname sharing a meal at the guesthouse. Kappel is an International Arbiter.

    Prakash Ramadhar, Minister of Legal Affairs, (right) joined Grandmaster Gennadi Sagalchik and Edison Raphael at the beginning of the last round.

    Suriname… (left to right) Rudie Tjong Tjin Joe, Aubrey Kappel, Romario Sanches, Avikaar Malgie, Immanuel Kromosoeto, Wasudha Malgie

    Pari Akloe of Suriname who is the older sister of Ashwari Akloe. Nice and mannerly girls!

    German Herrera Ortega of Venezuela after receiving a t-shirt from a popular website. 😉 German reminded me that he posted a blog comment in Spanish. He was overwhelmed to receive the gift.

    Minister addressing the audience.




    Chess Masters and future Master Josh Colas

    L-R: IM Rafael Prasca (Venezuela), IM-elect Jomo Pitterson (Jamaica), IM Kevin Denny (Barbados), IM Oladapo Adu (Nigeria), Minster of Interior, IM Nestor Velez Betancourt (Cuba), IM Julio Ostos (Venezuela), IM Terry Farley (Barbados)

    IM Terry Farley (Barbados) vs. IM Rafael Prasca (Venezuela) in last round battle.

    Athena Martin beaming at GM Gennadi Sagalchik. The GM asked the cute, shy girl how many points she got. Her father stated she had four points in her first tournament. Sagalchik says, “Oh that’s good. In my first tournament, I lost every game. It’s a true story.”

    The flag of Trinidad and Tobago

    Benaja Kromosoeto

    Safiya Lambert with a cool pen!

    Andrea Rivas Figueroa (Venezuela) vs. Nikelilia Chuniesingh (Trinidad)

    Josh Colas made quite an impression at this tournament.

    The Jerome Family

    Full Set (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=193653&id=513866269&l=257e131db9

  12. Videos from Round #9 and Closing Ceremonies

    Last round of the Caribbean Chess Carnival

    Calypso Queen Denyse Plummer performing at the closing ceremonies.
    Great performance!

  13. Sites around Trinidad

    Home of the Archbishop

    Queen’s College

    National Academy for the Performing Arts

    Does this coffee shop remind you of another?

    Which way will the green break? The handsome bird has a “bird’s eye view”. 🙂

    Beach at Macqueripe Bay

    Jomo and son Jonathan Pitterson taking in the view with Jason Scarlett.

    Lookout point at Fort George

    Nuff sweets!

    Nothing better!

    Coca-Cola is everywhere! Sheesh! 😐

    The famous Maracas Beach. It was raining out, but that did not deter beachgoers.

    Would you like to buy some wet Trinidadian souvenirs?

    Looks like a well-kept neighborhood.

    Statue depicting the “Heel and Toe” dance

    Walking up Lady Chancellor Road

    At the top!! It was about a 3-4 mile hike to the top.

    On my way back down, I saw this nice flower arrangement.

    Interesting colonial-style homes

    This cyclist was going up and down this steep peak…

    … at the bottom, he told me does this 6-7 times. Wow!

    This was a bad incident. I bought a coconut water and was enjoying a drink when a man came behind and wanted to buy one. He took a good swig and didn’t want to pay. He said the coconut was “hard”. They started arguing back and forth. The vendor chopped the coconut open with a machete to show that the coconut was ripe. The man was walking away still belittling the man’s products and the vendor took the machete in his hand and stood there still arguing.The man can be seen here walking away only to turn around. I went up and gave the vendor the money (six TT dollars or one US dollar) for the coconut and told him, “No problem.” The arguing stopped and the man walked away. Why would that man pull something like that?

    Let’s not end on a sour note! 🙂

    Full set (Facebook): Set #1 and Set #2

  14. Parting Shots

    IM Terry Farley leading analysis session.

    Venezeulans preparing to leave.

    Venezuelans and tournament officials take one last photo.

    Beautiful airport displays commemorating Emancipation Day

    Airport Lobby

    Past President and founding hero, Dr. Eric Williams

    Last chance for Trinidadian cuisine!

    The current President Kamla Persad-Bissessar

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