Reflections on the 2010 Chess Carnival

The 2010 Caribbean Chess Carnival was a successful event with a record 147 players from 10 countries. Three-time champion IM Humberto Pecorelli could not travel to defend his title, so a new champion was crowned.

There are many reasons this tournament was special and perhaps is an example of how the Caribbean and Africa can leverage the beauty of their countries in a way to attract strong players. This was one of the features that drew GM Gennadi Sagalchik who stayed a couple of more days after the tournament to explore the local sights and the neighboring island.

Following are some of my most cherished memories at this year’s tournament. They are extensive and varied, but will certainly give readers an idea of how successful the tournament was.

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  1. I’m still enjoying the Denyse Plummer appearance at the closing ceremonies. I have looked at some of her other performances and she is the ultimate entertainer. Here she is a decade ago singing “Tabanca”. I asked Christopher Raphael how they managed to get a big star like that for the closing ceremonies. “We have connections,” he said with a smile.

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