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  • Barbados’ Askari Elson battling in Greece!

    Askari Elson (Photo by Barbados Chess) Seventeen-year old Askari Elson (pictured right) is one of the brightest talents out of the Caribbean region. Having first represented his country in two Olympiads (at ages 14 and 16), the US-based Elson is currently in Halkidiki, Greece competing in the World Youth Championships. …

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  • In Search of Luzhin’s Defence

    Many chess players have no doubt seen The Luzhin Defence, a movie based off the novel (of the same name) by Vladimir Nabokov. In viewing this movie, one cannot help but to feel empathy for the main character Alexander Ivanovich Luzhin, an eccentric Russian Grandmaster played credibly by John Turturro.…

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  • Prison Chess: The Game Called Life

    Behind the coils of razor wire, the walls of thick concrete and the columns of steel beams are men of all ages… minds searching for answers to “the game called life.” Locked in the minds of most imprisoned men around the world are ambitions. Ambitions to be free and to…

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  • Chess and Hip-Hop Culture

    GZA of Wu Tang Clan Chess has been perceived as the game of the “nerds,” the term for a person characterized as a socially-detached genius. Of course, chess suffers from this image problem in that much of the international community writes chess off as an esoteric game that they could…

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