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The January earthquake will go down in infamy in the minds of Haitians. It was a day that stripped the livelihood of millions of Haitians around the globe. It was a disaster of the most horrific proportions. However, there were millions around the world who gave to various organizations and charities.

Some of these were chess organizations and individuals who raised funds for relief efforts. The Chess Drum held a fundraiser for Sabine Bonnet, the President of the Chess Academy of Haiti. Bonnet, who has settled in Miami, recently told The Chess Drum that she wanted to restart chess on the island. Bonnet may have gotten a boost after FIDE sent 500 chess sets at the request of the Haitian Olympic Committee.

500 chess sets and boards were requested and these have been safely delivered to the Haitian Olympic Committee. The games have been dispatched to the 27 sites where the HOC is running the emergency programme for more than 25,000 children aged 8-14. Apparently the introduction of chess has been a great success and the children are enthusiastic about learning to play. The work has been aided by volunteers fom the local association.

Haitian youth playing with FIDE donated chess equipment.

Haitian youth playing with FIDE donated chess equipment.

Before the earthquake, Haiti had an active federation and had sent a team to the Olympiad in 2006. Just one month prior to the earthquake, they had held their national championship which was won by Mondoly Sanon.


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  1. This is wonderful for the children of Haiti and the whole community. Has the USCF contributed for any Chess youth programs in Haiti. Thanks Brother Shabazz for spreading the word!

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