Bahamas set to host Subzonal!

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Bahamas Chess Federation

The Bahamas Kean Smith is leading the host effort for the Caribbean Chess Subzonal 2.3 in the capitol city of Nassau. The event will take place from Friday, June 25th to July 1st. Some 16 federations will take part in the nine-round FIDE event. This will mark the first time the subzonal has been hosted in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Kean A. Smith – Chairman (242) 323-5258

Full details here!


  1. Good luck to our friends in the Bahamas for this historic effort. We in Jamaica plan to support the event and make it the most exciting ever!

  2. Greetings Dr.Shabazz,Iwas talking to a friend of mine William”The Exterminator”Morrison and we were wondering if anyone had been in recent contact with Steve Muhammad. Thank you Richard…

  3. This message is from Kean Smith. I heard from Mig Greengard that the top-seed lost in the first round.

    Round 3 Pairings
    (White Player, points, Black Player)

    WGM Sanchez Sarai 2 – 2 FM Corbin Phillip
    Cabralis Keron 2 – 2 Castilho Martyn
    Berrios-Echevarria Gabriel 2 – 2 Lopez Jasel
    Pitterson Jomo 1½ – 1 Machin-Rivera Mark
    Matthews Shane 1 – 1½ Joseph Marcus
    Croes Octavio 1 – 1 FM Elliot Warren
    Gibson Ken 1 – 1 Brown Equitable
    Elton Joseph 1 – 1 CM Faulks Nicholas
    Evans Milton 1 – 1 Howell Shamel
    Tiwari Errol 1 – 1 Holness Mark
    Small Byron 0 – ½ FM Harper Ryan
    Lopez Juste ½ – 0 Lyansky Yan
    Whyms Chappel 0 – 0 Ferguson Joseph
    McDonald Tamiko – Bye

  4. Official Press Release
    5 June 29, 2010


    The Caribbean Chess Sub Zonal 2.3.5 2010 is a 9 round swiss tournament with a time control of 90/40 SD 30 minutes plus 30 seconds added per move from the first move. The tournament is being organized by The Bahamas Chess Federation in the city of Nassau at the College of The Bahamas School of Nursing. The arbiter for this event is IA Serafin Chuit of the Cuban Chess Federation.

    ~ Kean Smith, President of Bahamas Chess Federation

    There are 10 member federations participating in the 15 member Sub Zone.

    Title Player
    Jasel Lopez
    CM Juste Lopez
    Octavio Croes
    Yan Lyansky
    Ken Gibson
    Joseph Ferguson
    Chappel Whyms
    Elton Joseph
    Byron Small
    Milton Evans
    Tamiko MCDonald
    Martyn Castilho
    FM Philip Corbin
    Shamel Howell
    CM Nicholas Faulks
    Errol Tiwari
    Equitable Brown
    FM Warren Elliott
    FM Jomo Pitterson
    Shane Matthews
    Mark Holness
    FM Ryan Harper
    Marcus Joseph
    Keron Cabralis
    Mark Rivera-Machin
    Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico
    FM Gabriel Berrios-Echevarria
    Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico
    WGM Serai Sanchez-Castillo

    Jasel Lopez (Aruba) left in his game against FM Warren Elliot (Jamaica)

    Mark Holness (Jamaica) vs. FM Jomo Pitterson (Jamaica)

    Photos by Bahamas Chess Federation.

  5. Round 6 Pairings
    (White Player, points, points, Black Player)

    Cabralis Keron 4½ 4½ WGM Sanchez Castillo Sarai
    FM Pitterson Jomo 4 4 Howell Shamel
    FM Harper Ryan 3½ 3½ Castilho Martyn
    FM Elliot Warren 3 3 Brown Equitable
    Holness Mark 3 3 Matthews Shane
    FM Corbin Phillip 3 3 FM Berrios-Echevarria Gabriel
    Machin-Rivera Mark 2½ 2½ Lopez Jasel
    CM Faulks Nicholas 2½ 2½ Joseph Marcus
    CM Lopez Juste 2½ 2 Gibson Ken
    Croes Octavio 2 2 Ferguson Joseph
    Small Byron 2 2 Elton Joseph
    Whyms Chappel 1 1 McDonald Tamiko
    Tiwari Errol 1 1 Evans Milton
    Lyanski Yan 1½ Bye

  6. Strong players from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Venezuela didn’t attend. No International Masters present. Is it still possible to get an IM norm or title without having played one? I’ll have to check, but I believe the 6/9 counts even if no IMs are in the field. However, only one player can get the title this way.

  7. Despite the lack of Central and South American players, this still looks like a great field with most of the top players in the Caribbean being there. Great coverage as usual!

  8. Round 7 Pairings
    (White Player, points, points, Black Player)

    WGM Sanchez Castillo Sarai 5 4 FM Elliot Warren
    FM Pitterson Jomo 5 5 Cabralis Keron
    FM Berrios-Echevarria Gabriel 4 4 FM Harper Ryan
    Castilho Martyn 4 4 Matthews Shane
    Howell Shamel 4 3½ Machin-Rivera Mark
    Joseph Marcus 3½ 3 FM Corbin Phillip
    Brown Equitable 3 3 Croes Octavio
    Gibson Ken 3 3 Holness Mark
    Lyanski Yan 2½ 3 Small Byron
    Ferguson Joseph 2 2½ CM Faulks Nicholas
    Lopez Jasel 2½ 2½ CM Lopez Juste
    McDonald Tamiko 2 2 Tiwari Errol
    Evans Milton 1 1 Whyms Chappel
    Elton Joseph 2 Bye

    Download Pairings, Standings (MS-Excel)

    June 29, 2010
    Zachary Ramsay, The Jamaica Chess Federation

    Jamaica’s Top Chess Player Leads the Pack in Regional Championships

    Jamaica’s #1 rated player FIDE Master Jomo Pitterson leads the Subzonal 2.3 Chess Tournament in Nassau, Bahamas with a commanding 5 points after 6 rounds of play. The Subzonal tournament brings together the best chess players from across the Caribbean and Central America.

    Pitterson shares first place with Womens Grand Master Sarai Sanchez Castillho of Venezuela and, surprisingly, Trinidad’s top junior- Keron Cabralis. Jamaica also boasts the largest contingent of players as National Champion FIDE Master Warren Elliott and National Masters Shane Matthews, Equitable Brown and Mark Holness have also ventured to represent Jamaica in the championships. The effort is primarily thanks to sponsorship by Western Air, who provided a ticket for FIDE Master Elliott. Elliott and Matthews trail in second with 4 points each. Also in shared second place with 4 points are Martyn Del Castillho and Shamel Howell of Barbados, and FIDE Masters Ryan Harper of Trinidad and Tobago and Gabriel Berrios-Echevarria of Puerto Rico.

    The tournament finishes with the ninth and final round on July 1. The winnner of the championship is awarded the title of International Master and qualification for the subsequent Zonal tournament.

    National Master Mark Holness (left) and FIDE Master Jomo Pitterson (right) at the Subzonal 2.3 in the Bahamas. Photo by Bahamas Chess Federation.

  10. A report from Kean Smith states that the following players earned the right to apply for the following titles:

    International Master

    FM Jomo Pitterson (Jamaica) and FM Warren Elliott (Jamaica)

    FM Jomo Pitterson (left), winner of 2.3.5 zonal

    WGM Serai Sanchez Castillo (Venezuela)

    WGM Serai Sanchez Castillo (Venezuela)

    FIDE Master

    Keron Carbralis (Trinidad)

    Keron Carbralis (Trinidad)

    Martyn Castilho (Barbados)

    Martyn Castilho (Barbados)

  11. Daaim,

    It is a great day for chess in Jamaica and the English-speaking caribbean. Jomo Pitterson has the distinction of being the first “home-grown” Jamaican to become an international master. the only other person to achieve this feat is GM Maurice Ashley who left Jamaica as a 12 year-old.

    Jomo is a true chess “phenom” and very few players, if any, in the region work as hard as he at chess. Among other things, he is a serious opening theoretician and has coninued to grow from strength to strength. His inexorable upward climb was evident since December, 2007 when he won the Frederick Cameron Open in Kingston, Jamaica ahead of a big and tough field including the celebrated Jamaican-born GM Maurice Ashley.

    His sparkling play at the 2008 Dresden Olympiad for Jamaica saw him being the star of the show with an unbeaten 7/9, for which he earned the FM title. He has continued to play and train hard with excellent results and it is no surprise that he mirrored his olympiad success with another unbeaten 7/9 in the Bahamas.

    These two digits must be his favourite numbers!

    Much more will be said in the future but I just wanted to share these few words with you.

    Special congratulations must be extended to the president of the Bahamian chess federation Kean Smith, my colleague at the Bar, and his fellow Bahamians who had the vision and tenacity to bring this prestigious event to their country. The future for chess in the region is really pregnant with promise.

    More anon.

    Ian Wilkinson
    Jamaica Chess Federation

  12. Congrats to Jomo on a well deserved result well done!!! A special congrats to Keron Cabralis the youngest FM in Trinidad and i also believe in the english speaking caribbean well done Keron hats off to u for an excellent result u make us all in Trinidad proud!!!


    Jomo Pitterson of Jamaica won the Caribbean Chess Sub Zonal 2010 with 7 points from 9 games and with it the distinction of becoming the first Jamaican chess player to earn an International Master title. WGM Sarai Sanchez of Venezuela earned the second International Master title that was up for grabs at the Caribbean Sub Zonal.

    Barbados National Champion Martyn Castilho and 14-year old Keron Cabralis of Trinidad and Tobago did not go home empty handed because both players earned FM titles. In order to be officially awarded their titles, these players will have to apply to the World Chess Federation through their respective National Federations for their titles.

    Host Federation President Kean Smith said that “We were delighted to be awarded the option to bid on the tournament by the CCA and organized the most important tournament in our Federation’s history. Nine of the Fifteen Caribbean Chess Sub Zone participated in this event. All reports are that the players enjoyed the tournament and the opportunity to meet new and reunite with old friends. We received outstanding support from our Ministries of Tourism and Aviation and Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture. Furthermore GM Dave Norwood provided us with financial and technical assistance. The Bank of The Bahamas and Bahamas Telecommunications Company were our partners.”

    By all accounts the Caribbean Chess Sub Zonal 2010 was very successful. In addition to the above supports, CACDEC provided a grant and technical support which ensured that this year’s Caribbean Sub Zonal was a success.

  14. Jomo… It’s only fitting that a hearty congrats comes from your training partner ; I am reminded of Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10. You have worked harder than the ‘average Joe’ and I am happy that the rewards are finally showing. The impact that this will have for Jamaican chess is far past tremendous. I am happy to be a part of this continued journey and I’m not sure we can find another more deserving… CONGRATS again!!

  15. Congrats Jomo and the Jamaican Team! Job well done. Congratulations also to Sarai, Martin and Keron. Great things to come.


  16. National Champion of Jamaica FIDE Master Warren Elliott receives sponsored ticket from Western Air to participate in the 2010 Subzonal Championships.

    National Champion of Jamaica FIDE Master Warren Elliott receives sponsored ticket from Western Air to participate in the 2010 Subzonal Championships. Photo courtesy of Zachary Ramsey.

  17. Special congratulations to Keron Cabralis. Continue with your great achievements young FM Cabralis

  18. Rank SNo. Name Rtg FED Pts Fide
    1 4 fm Pitterson Jomo 2241 JAM 7 37
    2 2 wgm Sanchez Castillo Sarai 2263 VEN 6½ 38
    3 7 Castilho Martyn 2199 BAR 6½ 33
    4 12 Cabralis Keron 2116 TRI 6 35
    5 8 fm Berrios-Echevarria Gabriel 2187 PUR 6 32½
    6 6 Matthews Shane 2203 JAM 6 28½
    7 1 fm Elliot Warren 2264 JAM 5½ 27
    8 3 fm Harper Ryan 2262 TRI 5½ 27
    9 5 Machin-Rivera Mark 2212 PUR 5½ 25½
    10 10 Joseph Marcus 2166 TRI 5½ 25
    11 15 Howell Shamel 2078 BAR 5 28½
    12 11 fm Corbin Phillip 2164 BAR 5 26
    13 13 cm Faulks Nicholas 2106 BER 5 24½
    14 18 Croes Octavio 1950 ARU 5 20
    15 22 Small Byron 1784 BAH 5 19
    16 17 Holness Mark 1997 JAM 4½ 24½
    17 16 cm Lopez Juste 2028 ARU 4½ 20½
    18 9 Brown Equitable 2169 JAM 4 24
    19 14 Lopez Jasel 2080 ARU 4 22½
    20 19 Gibson Ken 1911 BAH 4 19
    21 23 Ferguson Joseph 1735 BAH 4 15
    22 20 Elton Joseph 1821 BAH 3½ 17½
    23 21 Lyanski Yan 1808 BAH 3½ 15½
    24 27 Tiwari Errol 0 GUY 3 16
    25 26 McDonald Tamiko 1517 BAH 3 13
    26 25 Evans Milton 1630 BAH 2 11
    27 24 Whyms Chappel 1658 BAH 1 5

    Download Pairings, Standings (MS-Excel)

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