• Wilbert Paige Memorial: Round #1

    Wilbert Paige Memorial(14-23rd of July 2001, Harlem NY, Hotel Theresa) Round #1 (Saturday, 14 July 2001) Pre-game analysis: In Colding-Muhammad, Colding’s tactical skills will be hard-pressed to penetrate Muhammad’s preparation and farsightedness. Schleifer-Simutowe has the making of a explosive battle. . . both with a preference for double-edged positions. Rogers-Simpson…

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  • 2001 Wilbert Paige Memorial (Harlem, NY)

    Welcome to the Wilbert Paige Memorial tournament! (14-23rd of July 2001, Harlem NY, Hotel Theresa) Brief Chess Biography NM Wilbert Paige Photo by Jerry BibuldNM Wilbert Paige, a Philadelphia native, first gained a serious interest in chess while attending West Philadelphia High School and played from 1975-77 on the chess…

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  • 2nd qualifier for the Barbados Championship set for June 20th

    Allen Herbert of the Barbados Chess Federation (BCF) reports that the 2nd qualifier to determine the last six players for the National Championship will start on June 20th. The eight-round format will be open to all BCF members. The top five players will go on to compete for the National…

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  • Historic Moments: African Nations at the 1996 Chess Olympiad in Yerevan, Armenia

    These pictures were taken by Jerome Bibuld, International Arbiter and Chess Photographer extraordinaire. Those interested in his photos anywhere on this site should contact him for use privileges. The Angola Chess Federation has enjoyed perhaps the most success among Sub-Saharan African nations. The country has been wracked by an ongoing…

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