Wilbert Paige Memorial: Round #2

Wilbert Paige Memorial
(14-23rd of July 2001, Harlem NY, Hotel Theresa)

Round #2 (Sunday, 15 July 2001)

Pre-game analysis: Look for Colding to rebound from a tough loss to Muhammad. In that game, Steve wasn’t allowed to play the type of tactical game he enjoys, but must be careful not to overextend against Nsubuga, a super-solid player. Simutowe-Simpson will be interesting in that both lost tough games in the previous round and will be looking to spill blood on the board. Both play inspired chess. Schleifer had a shocking win over Simutowe in the first round, but Kobese will push him to the limit. Expect a sharp struggle. Rogers-Solomon will be an interesting encounter. . . both played well in the World Open, but Rogers is still riding high from both his IM norm and his victory over FM Simpson in the 1st round. Finally, Morrison-Muhammad is a rematch (same colors) of the St. John’s encounter which ended in an exciting draw. Look for the same tense battle with one of the players looking for the smallest of opportunities to win a decisive game.

Colding-Nsubuga, 0-1
Simutowe-Simpson, 1-0
Schleifer-Kobese, ½½
Rogers-Solomon, 0-1
Morrison-Muhammad, ½½

Post-mortem analysis: Colding got a big lead in development and enjoyed a nice spatial advantage. However, his 12. h4? was refuted as the alert Ugandan pounced on Colding with 12… Nxe4! After that, Grace simplified to a technically-won rook and pawn ending and converted the point.

Colding-Nsubuga (Wilbert Paige, 2001), 12...Nxe4 Simutowe-Simpson (Wilbert Paige, 2001), 15.Nxf7

Couple of nice tactical positions in first round. In Colding-Nsubuga, white got a bit too aggressive and was hit by 12…Nxe4! winning a clear pawn. Simutowe-Simpson saw a devastating 15.Nxf7! and a powerful attack to follow

Simpson was literally run off the board by the 19-year old Zambian star. Simutowe has won three previous games with this exact line and proceeded to play a crushing piece sac followed by a paralyzing bind. He then chased Ron’s king to the edge off the board, weaved a mating net and the rest is history.

NM Elvin Wilson (L) and NM Jerald Times running the analysis boards.  Copyright ©, Daaim Shabazz

NM Elvin Wilson (L) and NM Jerald Times
looking at Kobese-Schleifer, an thrilling draw.

Onlookers in the analysis room including Willie 'Pop' Johnson (back), NMs Frank Street (blue checkered shirt) and Glenn Bady (red-orange shirt).  Copyright ©, Daaim Shabazz.

Onlookers in the analysis room including Willie ‘Pop’ Johnson (back), NMs Frank Street (blue checkered shirt) and Glenn Bady (red-orange shirt). Photos by Daaim Shabazz.

Rogers-Solomon featured a dynamic battle out of the Lasker-Pelikan Sicilian and black enjoyed active piece play and created favorable complications. Solomon had two minor pieces and a pawn for a rook and eventually coordinated his pieces to promote the extra pawn. Rogers was helpless and finally resigned after Kenny established two menacing passed pawns. Morrison-Muhammad played a strategic battle in the Guioco Piano, but neither side could force a decisive advantage after some light tactics and the two repeated their result from St. John’s tournament.

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