Justus on NBC’s Grio 100 list

NM Justus Williams

National Justus Williams is in the media spotlight once again recently interviewing with NBC’s Grio.com. He was one of 100 persons honored during Black History Month as part of the “Grio’s 100”. Looking through the other videos brought forth about some fascinating personalities. This was his second time on Grio.com and he certainly represented himself well.

In the article, the 13-year old National Master dubbed himself the “Lebron James of Chess“. Incidentally, Lebron James is Justus’ favorite basketball player and perhaps his on-court swagger and competitive nature are the traits that connect Justus with his hero. Certainly, Justus calm demeanor belies his intensity, but he hopes one day to achieve the level of Grandmaster.

Justus gave an interview speaking in his calm and controlled voice and lamented on his role as a trailblazer.

I would like to see a lot more young Black players. People just trying to go for the top paying sport like football and basketball, but most them aren’t going to make it.

Justus’ goal is to become an International Grandmaster and possibly make a career of chess. He later added,

I want to play chess professionally because I want to be one of the elite players in the world. That’s what drives me… and I like to win. (read article)

Video from The Grio (msnbc.nbc.com).

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