Colas eyes World Youth in Greece

Scholastic All-American, Josh Colas. Photo by Daaim Shabazz.

Scholastic All-American Josh Colas
Photo by Daaim Shabazz

Joshua Colas has visions to shatter a few records in American chess. The 11-year old plays chess with a passion that few have. Joshua has been playing against stronger competition in what will lead him to his first international tournament in Port of Spain, Trinidad in August.

The real goal for the scholastic chess All-American is to compete in the World Youth Championship in October to be held in Greece. His father Guy Colas is beginning to rally support for his son so he can compete on one of the largest stages for youth chess. In the meantime, he will test his skills against Masters from the Caribbean and Latin America at the Caribbean Chess Festival.

A Lower Hudson newspaper captured this interesting story of Josh and his various pursuits.

Briggette Sayegh, “Young White Plains chess champ seeks master status, wants to play in Greece,”, 13 July 2010.

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Note: I have just learned that a non-profit foundation has been set up for Josh by the White Plains School District. According to his father, they would like to hire a world-class coach. Tax-deductible contributions can be made payable to the non-profit “Foundation for Public Education in White Plains, Inc.” with a note in the memo line to “Joshua Colas – Chess”.

Checks can be sent to:

Foundation for Public Education
c/o 3 Milford Close
White Plains, NY 10606


  1. Hello Daaim, Just a thought. Is the chess drum in a position to accept and coordinate donations for financial affairs for our young star like josh colas. Working together I am sure there are many who desire to contribute to a funds to support those in grandmaster pursuit.

  2. Tax-deductible contributions can be made payable to the non-profit “Foundation for Public Education in White Plains, Inc.” with a note in the memo line to “Joshua Colas – Chess”.

    Checks can be sent to:
    Foundation for Public Education
    c/o 3 Milford Close
    White Plains, NY 10606

  3. Josh Colas will appear on “Good Day New York” on next Wednesday. The young phenom will give a blitz demonstration. This appearance will no doubt rally support for his endeavors including a trip to the World Youth in Greece along with long-term aspirations.

  4. To the ChessDrum, audience,
    It may schock you to read the obvious personal attack that was levied towards , the Colas family after Josh’s appearance on Fox TV, but rest assured, this time around Joshua has no idea of what’s going on. Last time, I realized that the drama had an effect on him, so as a parent I’ve learn that I have to protect him . We’re trying to investigate if it’s possible to determine the source of the annonymous comment.

    Thank you

  5. I’m also appalled by the comment made regarding Josh’s Fox coverage. I was also saddened to read the awful comments made toward Josh’s Hudson Valley article. We taped Josh’s coverage and thought the Colas’ family did a marvelous job and are immensely proud of Josh. I am willing to do whatever I can to assist with Josh going to Greece as well and we have sent a contribution to the Foundation for Josh’s goals. He is a major part of the United States team!!

  6. Latisha,

    I appreciate your compassion. The comment about the Hudson Valley article is of no concern to me. It is obvious that anonymous could not distinguish between ” a national champ ” from ” The national champ.” Although Josh is not only a national champ, he is in fact the national champ-depending on which category you’re talking about. Anyway, back to the subject, the Fox TV interview. I have to admit what was most disturbing and hurtful about the negative comment is to be labeled a liar. However, I am glad the facts have been established. I’ve gotten a few e-mails from friends who saw the segment and read the comment and have asked me why I didn’t defend my son more vigorously. Let me just say, first of all I’d be addressing a ghost. It is always best to address the issue, believe it or not that’s sufficient. I am a firm believer that, “you shall reap what you sow. “ Therefore, my only priority is to protect my son against malevolence.

  7. I am proud of Josh and I knew from the moment I saw him play that he would be a great talent. The comment that was left by an anonymous poster was done in a way to take credit away from the Colas family and our community. Covering chess for The Chess Drum for nine years, I’ve seen a lot of this. There is a bit of favoritism on who is featured. I had this conversation with Cenceria Edwards (Darrian Robinson’s mother). She has had similar problems with people belittling Darrian’s accomplishments in favor of other players.

    If a person cannot even get their facts straight it tells you that the appeal is emotional and it comes from someone in the same circles who is familiar with New York scholastic circles. They were afraid of making themselves known. Nevertheless, if we keep Josh (and others like him) on course, they will do great things in chess and in life. I’m supporting Josh 100%.

    A couple of years ago I held a fundraiser for Darrian and Medina Parrilla for the World Youth in Batumi, Georgia. After I sent both players checks, Medina revealed that she could not go and returned the funds. The issue was that there was no funding for her mother and Medina did not want to go without her. It was unfortunate. Let’s make sure our youth take advantage of these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. It’s very important for their development.

  8. Latisha,

    I hope you don’t take this wrong, but the family finds it unfair to accept contribution from you because you too will have your own expenses to cover in Greece for Justus. We have instructed the Foundation to return your check upon receipt.

  9. Joshua,
    Keep up the great work and continue to KB; it is unfortunate that folks in your own chess community are making negative comments. However, negative comments mean that you are a threat, admired and true contender. Your talents, sportsmanship and poise will take you very far!

    It is sad that adults in the chess community are pitting kids against each other instead of letting the kids determine the direction of their own relationship. Keep up the great work, stay fearless, keep him playing, and be proud!

    Thank you for your wisdom, insight and dedication to chess and your relentless support of the chess kids. Keep the beat going and the roots of your tree spreading.

  10. Joshua,

    Diamond says Hi; have fun and handle your business in Greece! To the Colas family! You are blessed and keep on pushing! Best of everything!

    The Shakoor Family

  11. Josh we have been friends for a long time and we saw each other succeed, Well this is definitely not the end for the both of us. There are a lot of barriers for us to break. I can’t wait to see you do well in Greece and break the 2200 mastery barrier; I’m always going to support you Josh, and keep up the great work! You are a great Chess Player and a great kid

    Nigel Bryant

  12. Joshua,
    My family and i have seen so much potential in your chess abilities. I want to wish a congratulations on your chess success and want you to know how fully supported we are of your chess career. We have been friends for a long time, as my brother said, and we’ve seen each other grow. I cant wait to see you shine in Greece. Once again congratulations Joshukid :]

    -Good Luck on Future Endeavors

  13. Hey Jehron,
    Thank you. You guys are so unassuming! Your potentials are just as real as mine. Wouldn’t It be real nice if we could all alone? On my way to Trinidad..will try to play my best chess ever. By the way, you’re not TheLoser..u r..Thewinner..LOL

  14. Good luck to Josh in Trinidad. In Greece lets hope our entire US delegation can have a kick butt tournament, and bring home lots of medals!

    Having watched Josh develop as a player over the years has been wonderful to watch. Though in the last few years the losses against him have piled up. 🙂 That’s okay I’m proud of the fight I’ve been able to put up. He impresses me with his tactics and endgame play.

  15. To all contributors,

    Joshua wants you to know that he is exceedingly thankful for the contributions he has received thus far. With your generous support, the foundation was able to hire an outstanding coach to prepare him for the upcoming World Youth Championship and beyond.

    Thank you

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