Corbblah on JEOPARDY!

Jonathan Corbblah will be on JEOPARDY! tonight. Photo from

According to a report on, U.S.C.F. Expert Jonathan Corbblah will play on the popular gameshow “JEOPARDY!” on tonight. The gameshow is a fierce trivia competition on a variety of topics and is one of the longest-running gameshows in the U.S. Corbblah, a chess coach and blitz aficionado, says that he has watched more than a thousand games of JEOPARDY! and relates the experience to going over chess games.

He has also appeared on other games shows such as “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” The chess community will certainly be cheering for Corbblah to advance to the next stage. Hopefully there are a couple questions asked. The affable New Yorker has been watching JEOPARDY! since he was seven and now he will have fans of his own! Check your local listings for the times.


  1. WOW!! Jonathan – congratulations on your victory and I’m with you all the way. You were great and cool under pressure. I smiled too when they asked the question using chess analogy.

  2. They actually asked him a question about the board game “go” and said UNLIKE chess, what occurs? (paraphrasing) Of course he knew, “Black moves first.”

    However, I’m going to tease him for missing “Niger” and “Nigeria” as two countries that you can add two letters to and get another (i.e., Austria and Australia). I was talking through the television, but he didn’t hear me. 😉

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