Month: February 2010

  • 2010 Olympiad Update

    Many federations are organizing their teams for the 2010 Olympiad (Khanty-Mansiysk) which will take place September 19th until October 4th. FIDE has recently released an announcement of important details. Federations should begin preparing to meet various deadlines to avoid any complications later. In 2008, there were a lot of controversies…

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  • Sicilian Love: Polgar-Kaidanov Match

    I remember being a rising junior in Chicago and a Sicilian fanatic. In my arsenal were the Najdorf, Dragon and Sveshnikov. I walked around with a large amount of theory… in some cases reaching into the endgame. I also cherished a book called “Sacrifices in the Sicilian” and was influenced…

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  • The Road to Olympiad… from Nairobi to Siberia

    Kenya has a budding chess community and recently finished its Olympiad qualifying tournament. Thus, they have named the team that will travel to the Olympiad in Khanty Mansiysk, Siberia. Mehul Gohil writes an intriguing account of the qualifiers and sends a collection of very captivating photos. Enjoy! THE ROAD TO…

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  • Young Tigers at Amateur East

    Justus Williams, Josh Colas, Jehron Bryant, Nigel Bryant in action at the 2010 U.S. Amateur Team Championship. Photo by Elizabeth Vicary. In perhaps the strongest young team assembled at the tournament, Justus Williams, Josh Colas, Jehron and Nigel Bryant competed in the U.S. Amateur Team East championship. The four have…

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  • Drum Majors

    Theophilus Thompson’s Problem Book!

    Theophilus Thompson Theophilus Thompson is recognized by most as the first Black player of note in the U.S. Born in 1855 in Frederick, Maryland, Thompson took to chess after seeing two gentlemen playing. He learned the moves from observing and was soon kibitzing in the games. It was interesting to…

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  • Opinion/Editorials

    Baraka Shabazz: Black Queen of Chess

    Baraka Shabazz’s demure pose is a testament to her confidence and poise.This photo was featured in Chicago Metro News, December 4, 1982as part of Tony Brown Journal segment. Baraka Shabazz (pronounced ba-roka sha-boz) is a famous name is Black chess lore and a name that exudes power. Her arrival on…

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  • Guadeloupe’s 2010 Chess Campaign

    Guadeloupe Carnival 16 February 2010 Guadeloupe is a beautiful island with a budding chess community. Located in the eastern Caribbean and like Martinique, is a part of overseas department of France. Guadeloupe recently celebrated their carnival and federation President Olivier Mouëza was proud to show off pictures to the fete.…

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  • Justus-Josh battle at IS-318!

    Shaun Smith, Chess-in-Schools (CIS) has organized a training match between two of the brightest stars in the U.S. chess scene. Both Justus Williams (2141) and Josh Colas (2114) are well-known here at The Chess Drum, but the world will see both talents on display at the Internet Chess Club on…

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  • Video Commemoration at The Drum

    The Chess Drum celebrated its 9th year in existence on February 12th. I have just posted a commemorative video for the 9th Anniversary of The Chess Drum. Below is the 15-minute version. Enjoy! The Chess Drum… Keeping the Beat for Nine Years!

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  • Chess Crackers (January/February 2010)

    More Chess Crackers for your enjoyment. The solution to the position below is hard to spot but pure beauty. GM Maurice Ashley certainly spotted it! IM Pontus Carlsson has a nice one against GM Vasilios Kotronias. A few months later, he was awarded the GM title. I grudingly threw in…

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