2010 Olympiad Update

Many federations are organizing their teams for the 2010 Olympiad (Khanty-Mansiysk) which will take place September 19th until October 4th. FIDE has recently released an announcement of important details. Federations should begin preparing to meet various deadlines to avoid any complications later.

In 2008, there were a lot of controversies surrounding visas. Many federations (particularly from Africa) were denied visas for a variety of reasons. There was the thought that it was because federations had applied late. While that was true in at least one case, it was not true in most. There were a couple of nations cited for arrears in fees and FIDE threatened to cancel their accommodations.

Thus, make sure there is enough time so that if complications arise, adjustments can be made. Also note that there are deadlines for clearing arrears with FIDE.

Source: https://www.fide.com/component/content/article/1-fide-news/4367-important-announcement-about-2010-olympiad


  1. Daaim,

    Excitement is in the air again. The most pressing problem for teams, especially those of us travelling from Africa and “Concacaf”, will be airfare. Regarding visas, although issuing them is an immigration/national security issue, FIDE must do whatever is necessary to facilitate the process. Federations need to apply early so that any potential problems can be highlighted quickly to facilitate the necessary “intervention” by the world governing body. I remember spending time with u in Calvia (2004), Turin (2006) and Dresden (2008). Hopefully we can touch base again in Siberia!!

    More anon.

  2. Ian,

    Yes… the federations should already be jockeying for position on the sponsorship front. It will be tough.

    FIDE definitely doesn’t have the power of the IOC or FIFA, but they have to do a better job of providing materials for the federations. For the last Olympiad, the invitations were e-mailed and in some cases the embassies refused to accept them. They asked for a letter from the organizing committee in Dresden. I’m also concerned about the visa requirements. Perhaps the Russian authorities will realize that no person of African ancestry will try to overstay his visa in Siberia with winter approaching! 😆


  3. Tickets will probably be the more critical issue than Visas. I think Russia is more lenient than Germany on the Visa thing. Federations should perhaps start working on getting the tickets ASAP. The trip looks long and therefore a more expensive ticket price.

  4. Of course, tickets and traveling expenses are always the issue. If you cannot raise sponsorship then you cannot get a visa. In fact, you cannot get a visa if you do not have adequate travel plans. Most embassies will require some details of travel.

    Russia may be easier because Siberia is not as much of a flight risk as Germany, Italy or Spain… places where it is easier for Africans to blend in. Many footballers and immigrants there.

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