Watu Kobese premiers in new podcast!

International Master Watu Kobese
South African International Master Watu Kobese

International Master Watu Kobese has a chess resume as long as he is tall. He has added yet another venture into his portfolio. In what has become a popular trend in chess, Kobese sent The Chess Drum a message introducing a podcast titled “Chess, Nonsense & Analysis.” It is co-hosted by FM Calvin Klaasen, who previously co-hosted “Reflections” with South African chess historian Lyndon Bouah.

The podcast started on May 14th with Kobese reviewing his game against GM Alexander Yermolinsky at the 2002 World Chess Cup in Hyderabad, India. The game was provocatively titled “African Destroys Soviet Chess.” In fact, 2002 was the last stand for Soviet Chess. The Russians (led by Garry Kasparov) won Olympiad gold later that year but none since. Russia has been unable to relive those glory days when the Soviets dominated chess.

The Chess Drum received exclusive reports from Jackie Ngubeni, who reported that Yermo was very upset at losing to the South African legend. Bystanders stated that Yermolinsky made some derogatory comments after the crushing loss. Interestingly, Kobese mentioned that he may have been monitored by Yemolinsky’s friend GM Jaan Ehlvest, who he said may have suspected him of cheating. This was long before cell phones and powerful engines began to spur cheating scandals.

The latest episode featured Kobese’s game against GM Sergei Tiviakov at the 2013 Commonwealth & South African Open. He gives very humorous stories in the 20-minute format. Watu Kobese is a fantastic storyteller, and his passion for chess shines brightly.

Episodes 1&2

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