Video Commemoration at The Drum

The Chess Drum celebrated its 9th year in existence on February 12th. I have just posted a commemorative video for the 9th Anniversary of The Chess Drum. Below is the 15-minute version. Enjoy!

The Chess Drum… Keeping the Beat for Nine Years!


  1. Nice video Daaim!
    It’s amazing that you maintain this site alone. Will you have additional help for 2010? I know that quality is always an issue so maintaining control would be good. (on the facebook, try getting a Fan Page, you can link that one straight to twitter etc v. a group).

    I wondered if you would be open to having some of the Chess Drummers analyzing some of the big tournament games (live). e.g., like chessdom

    Great Work!

  2. Political Music,

    Have you seen the two previous videos I did? You’d probably enjoy the first one I did for the 7th anniversary.

    7th Anniversary:
    8th Anniversary:

    I have considered a fan page. You can have more than 5,000 friends, but I’m wondering if it has a blog utility. If I post a new story, I’d like it to go directly to Facebook. I used this utility once, but it went on my main page (not the group). About 80% of my Facebook friends are not chess players.

    It’s hard to get reliable help. You’re right about the quality issue. I would certainly have to pay for freelance articles and annotated games. I get articles now and then and many are merely a few sentences without details. Even games may come typed in a text format and require conversion. I will have to create a format for submissions. I once had a form, but it was getting hit by spam.

    Thanks for your suggestions.

  3. Nice opening music. Love the drums. Happy birthday to the Chess Drum! I am sure you remember Thomas El, Philadelphia principal. He has a new book out. His first book, “I Choose To Stay” mentioned his accomplishments in coaching chess to inner city youth. I think his new book is about over weight teens. El is a very interesting person. Oh! by the way cut me a slice of that CAKE!

  4. Thanks Glenn! You have supported the site for many years as well as the brothers in Philly. That is where the strongest support comes from. I saw Thomas-EL on Dr. Oz and posted a story about him. I’d love to see that book and do a review… or someone else can write a review. Hint, hint. 😉 That’s one of my biggest passions… nutrition.

    Man… that cake is looong gone. I kid you not… it was the best cake I ever had! I shared it with some people and they raved about it. She made it special since I’m a vegan… no dairy no eggs. Hard to believe. If you want to read a bit about the person who baked it, she wrote a nice essay for me when she helped launch Susan Polgar’s club in New York. These are the types of stories that you will not see on many chess sites.

  5. I’m thinking about uploading the 20-minute version. It has a bit more detail, but I’ll have to see if I can get the size down. The 10-minute-version I did was also quite good.

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