Young Tigers at Amateur East

Justus Williams, Josh Colas, Jehron Bryant, Nigel Bryant in action at the 2010 U.S. Amateur Team Championship. Photo by Elizabeth Vicary.

In perhaps the strongest young team assembled at the tournament, Justus Williams, Josh Colas, Jehron and Nigel Bryant competed in the U.S. Amateur Team East championship. The four have been battling on the east coast and have developed close friendships. This will become important as they continue to improve and move toward Master level.

The team scored 4/6 and the individual scores were as follows,

  1. Nigel Bryant [Team Captain] 4/6
  2. Joshua Colas 3.5/6
  3. Justus Williams 4/6
  4. Jehron Bryant 4.5/6

Daaim Shabazz

Daaim Shabazz is the founder of The Chess Drum, while serving as a tenured faculty member of Global Business & Marketing at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida, USA. He holds a B.S. Computer Science from Chicago State University, an MBA in Marketing and a Ph.D. in International Affairs & Development, both from Clark Atlanta University. He has served the journalist community for more than 30 years and still competes in tournaments occasionally.


  1. Daaim,

    Congratulations to the youngsters. They seemed very businesslike!

    I trust that they will keep the fire burning (“more fyah!!) and continue to grow from strength to strength.

  2. Ian,

    These boys are now 2000-2100 strength. They need a bit more refinement in their games, but the talent is there. There are a couple of other players such as James Black who are part of this group of talented juniors.

  3. I think the real exciting part of the “team” is that they made it to Board 10 twice at Amateur team without having a GM or IM or any adult for that matter on board #1. They really played well. Can’t wait for next year. Congratulations boys!

  4. Daaim
    Nonsense! these talented boys were just really prepared for the challenge.

    LOL. Very cute. Please consider inquiring about a second career as a comedian. You are hysterical! You definitely keep the Drum alive and upbeat.

  5. Latisha,

    What I’m getting at is this. As a 2100, you are better (or rated higher) than approximately 96% of players in the U.S. regardless of age. Once you reach 2200 (National Master), you are better than approximately 98% of all players in the U.S. regardless of age. Age has little to do with skill in chess. The amount of time one has played has little to do with chess skill… it deals more with the intensity of play rather than length. To put your son’s skills in perspective, most adults will never get higher than 1800 strength. Your son is on the fast track to success in chess!

  6. What a nice shot, this picture might be worth something in the future, THE FUTURE OF CHESS, FUTURE CHESS GMs who will change the course of the game. Its very heartwarming to see this Tigers holding their ground during each round, at one point in the tournament, i think on Round 2, when they have to play their former teachers and mentors, I know that our young Tigers gave them a little heart pitter-patter, its just like OLD SCHOOL VS NEW SCHOOL, and Im proud to say that they gave them a run for their money, watching them play the game that they love, be it last a good 3 hours is nothing for I know that they are learning and growing with their each move and each game. Thank you for the continued support for our youth, especially TEAM JJNJ,aka Fantastic FOUR and I hope to meet you personally and extend my deepest gratitude for all the positive write ups, that believe it or not somehow inspire my boys to strive harder. Thank you in behalf of PURA-BRYANT Family.

  7. Justus was listening to Biggie Smalls, Tupac and Lil Wayne. LOL. Not sure about the Twins.

    Again, What a beautiful shot!!!

  8. I played Josh Colas in round 5 of this tournament on board 1. I must say I am thoroughly impressed not only by his understanding and potential in chess but also by his demeanor. I think he’s got it. In fact I was impressed by the whole team. I told each one of them that they are stronger than I was when I was their age. and now I am the strongest black player in New England. Four great prospects for our chess future.

  9. Biggie Smalls and Tupac = legends. Maybe “JJNJ” can form a rap group! Just kidding! 😆

    Tell Justus there are two organizations using hip-hop and chess to promote values and progress. I included a couple videos below.

    Words Beats & Life (WBL)
    “Bumrush the Boards”

    Hip-Hop Chess Federation (HHCF)
    “Mind Over Matter II”

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