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  • Chicago Public Schools learns about Black Chess!

    During Black History Month, Chicago Public Schools hosted a Black History Empowerment program featuring Howard University Chess Team and Daaim Shabazz of The Chess Drum. The “Howard Bison” (Michele Bennett, Malcolm Wooten, Azeezah Muhammad and Naomi Baptiste) talked about their successful participation in the 2020-2021 Pan American Intercollegiate Championship held…

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  • The Chess Drum in New in Chess!

    Dear chess community, After urging from New in Chess Chief Editor Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam, I have penned an exclusive for the world’s premier chess magazine (2020-8). Dirk and I met at either an Olympiad or one of the Grand Chess Tour events in St. Louis. As we covered one…

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  • Adisa Banjoko (Bishop Chronicles)

    The Chess Drum on Bishop Chronicles: “Hip-Hop, Chess & Race”

    Adisa Banjoko has blazed the trails since launching the Hip Hop Chess Federation since 2006. He continues the tout the mission of merging artforms of hip-hop, chess and martial arts into a interesting philosophy and has now hosting webcasts. He gave a recent interview on his vision and philosophy. In…

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  • Pitterson’s Twitch hosts The Chess Drum!

    In this age of the coronavirus, activity has migrated online as thousands of players have set up YouTube channels and registered for online accounts on various chess servers. One of the major contributors to the boom in online chess has been the streaming platform of Twitch. This revolution has made…

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  • “Triple Exclam” @ U.S. Championships!

    Triple Exclam was announced to the public March 11th and the reception has been very enthusiastic. The biography of International Master Emory Tate has won some plaudits around the country and slowly making its way around the world. It has been introduced at book parties and will be featured in…

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  • Trinidad featured on ChessBase!

    The 2010 Caribbean Chess Carnival was a great success with a record number 147 participants. Edison Raphael and the Trinidad Chess Foundation put on a wonderful showing at the historic Queen’s Park Cricket Club. The tournament attracted players and officials from ten countries and the event was covered here at…

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  • Playing to the Beat of a Different Drummer

    Back in November, Gregory Kearse approached Daaim Shabazz of The Chess Drum about a possible story. He contacted the United States Chess Federation to propose the idea. Daniel Lucas, the Editor of the newly-revamped Chess Life agreed. Lucas had been a admirer of the website and has stated a previous…

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