The Chess Drum on Bishop Chronicles: “Hip-Hop, Chess & Race”

Adisa Banjoko of Bishop Chronicles

Adisa Banjoko has blazed the trails since launching the Hip Hop Chess Federation since 2006. He continues the tout the mission of merging artforms of hip-hop, chess and martial arts into a interesting philosophy and has now hosting webcasts. He gave a recent interview on his vision and philosophy.

In his 127th edition of Bishop Chronicles, Adisa invited Daaim Shabazz of The Chess Drum to his show to discuss a variety of issues. One of the most prevalent themes in the interview was the impact of chess and how it applies to the discussion of social justice. There was a recurring theme of chess as vehicle for social activism and mobilization.

Video by Adisa Banjoko (HHCF)


  1. From left, Rakaa Iriescience of Dilated Peoples, Daaim Shabazz, Creator/Webmaster of The Chess Drum, RZA of Wu-Tang Clan, and Josh Waitzkin, former National Chess Champion and author of the book “Art of Learning” speak on the 2007 panel at the Hip-Hop Chess Federation Tournament at the San Francisco Design Center in San Francisco. (Photo by Karna Kurata/Staff)

  2. ULTRAMODERN ADDENDUM/ADUMBDUMB: a wonderful discussion on how to revolutionize chess , however, in real life its different than some gm just talkin about it on the internet or movin my knight around in some tournament ya know? EXAMPLE ON HOW TO REV CHESS IN REAL LIFE: Gm Ramierez was analyzing the rd8 games from the Sinquefled Cup 8-25-2019 in an adjacent room at the St Louie Club so we go over there and sit in the darkroom in the back and just start busting up his analysis and he learns hes not some chess revolutionary so the players in the room start lookin over at me like im some kind ghost or somthing yet ive been in chess the whole tim i just dont talk as much as like this gms im used to actually doing the work. Adia if ya hear he got a problem i can come to NYC and give him his over the board learnin too.Sophie, Falafelbackgammon passed a few months back., miss ya bro! PEACE AND LOVE DRUMMAS!!! BUBBAFISHA.

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