2011 Martinique Championship

Gilles Suez-Panama sent this message about the 27th Martinican Championship to be held on April 26th until May 1st. There will be several categories.

Gilles Suez-Panama of Martinique.

27ème Championnat de Martinique d’Echecs
(Toutes Catégories)

Location Ecole primaire de Mansarde au ROBERT
26 avril au 1er mai 2011


Created By Ligue d’Echecs de la Martinique

Plus de détails…


Contact : gilles@echecs-martinique.com

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  1. Hello Gilles, How are you? I am happy that chess is so
    popular around the world. I hear that you are a good player.
    I love meeting new friends that play chess. I would love to play
    some chess games online with you sometimes.
    Love, Kiaty

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