2024 African Individual Chess Championships (Accra, Ghana)

The 2024 African Individual Chess Championships (AICC) have begun! Twenty-four countries have assembled in Accra-Ghana to compete for glory, titles, and spots in the World Cup. Only days after the chess competition of the All-African Games had concluded, the continental championship attracted 42 open players (12 from host Ghana) and 29 women players. The games (Open and Women) are being played at the Coconut Groove Regency, North Ridge, Accra, Ghana.

This year, only two Grandmasters headlining the field, six-time champion Bassem Amin and Algeria’s Bilel Bellahcene vying for honors. Seven IMs, seven FMs, and three CMs make up the 19 titled players. In the women’s competition, out of the ten titled players, there is only one WGM, defending champion Lina Nassr of Algeria.

ACC President Tshepiso Lopang makes the ceremonial move for Nigeria’s Adeyinka Samuel Adewole
Photo by Babatunde Ogunsiku

Eyes will be on Deborah Quickpen, the 12-year-old Nigerian sensation. Ednasia Junior, silver medalist at All-African Games, will attempt to add to her medal collection. FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich and Executive Director Victor Bologan are on hand to support the event. Continental President Tshepiso Lopang will be overseeing the event.

Live Coverage!

Chess.com: https://www.chess.com/events/info/2024-african-chess-championships
Lichess: https://lichess.org/broadcast/2024-african-individual-chess-championships–open/qcYMoHup
ChessBase: (Open) https://live.chessbase.com/watch/African-Individual-Chess-ch-Open-2024/, (Women) https://live.chessbase.com/watch/African-Individual-Chess-ch-Women-2024/

African Chess Confederation

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Photos by Babutunde Ogunsiku


  1. In this position Bellahcene-Banele, white started a nice plan using pawn levers. Instructive!

    Bellahcene Bilel - Mhango Banele (68.f4)
    Bellahcene Bilel – Mhango Banele
    (Black to Move after 68.f4)

  2. African Individual Chess Championships (Round 5)


    AICC2024-5 (Open)


    AICC2024-5 (Women)

    GM Bassem Amin (Egypt) vs. IM Chitumbo Mwali (Zambia)

    Continental President Tshepiso Lopang watches Nigerian IM Odion Aikhoje.

    FM Bomo Kigigha (Nigeria)

    IM Agnelo Amorim (Angola)

    FM Zhemba Jemusse (Zimbabwe)

    WFM Sasha Mongeli (Kenya)

    Lidet Abate Haile
    Lidet Abate Haile (Ethiopia)

    Photos by Babatunde Ogunsiku/Africa Chess Media

  3. African Individual Chess Championships (Round 6)


    AICC2024-6 (Open)


    AICC2024-6 (Women)

    Deborah Quickpen was getting crushed by Anzel Laubscher, but turned it around!
    Imagine being in a position like this…

    Laubscher-Quickpen (after 21.Nef6+)

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