Noah Fields is Washington’s Denker Rep!

Candidate Master Noah Fields
Photo from Georgi Orlov Academy.

Noah Fields, a 9th grader from Charles Wright Academy in Tacoma, won clear first place at the WA High School Individual Championship. Noah is a long-time student of IM Georgi Orlov, and his rating has now passed 2100 for the very first time. Along the way, he defeated both of the master-level He Brothers (Samuel and Daniel) in back-to-back games and held a draw against expert James Colasurdo to clinch the title! For his victory, Noah will represent Washington State at the Denker Tournament of High School Champions this August held alongside the U.S. Open in Phoenix.

The tournament took place Jan. 23-24 at Lakeside School in Seattle and attracted over 90 players, including two National Masters and a handful of strong experts and class A players. The majority of players took part in the Reserve U1200 section. The tournament was directed by Ben Radin with assistance from WHSCA President Siva Sankrithi and organized by WCF Tournament Coordinator Dan Mathews.


~Josh Sinanan


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  1. To Noah and family -Congrats on this milestone! From what I know of Noah, it is nice to see a young student with a great balance of chess, sports and acedemics. Keep on pushing Noah!

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