WCC2013-2: The Caro-Kann Can’t

Carlsen surprised Anand with 1…c6.

The media often uses chess as a metaphor for a looming strategic battle. It is considered a symbol for erudition and intellectual guile. Well… today’s game may use the same metaphor to describe the strategic jockeying after the second draw in the World Championship match. While fans and commentators were equally disappointed today, the players stated that they were “just getting into the match”. Anand also described it as “collecting information”.

The Caro-Kann was on stage today, but it soon became the Caro-Can’t.
No fireworks today.

In today’s match, it appeared that Anand was spoiling with a fight after 1.e4 which got a rousing applause. Carlsen surprised Anand with the Caro-Kann and they entered the classical lines after 1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 dxe4 4. Nxe4 Bf5 5. Ng3 Bg6 6. h4. This got a reaction, but this is normal main line. Carlsen equalized rather comfortably and the two agreed to a draw in a rather dull position.

Score: Anand 1 Carlsen 1

Official Site: https://chennai2013.fide.com/
Drum Coverage: https://www.thechessdrum.net/blog/2013/11/06/2013-world-championship-anand-vs-carlsen/

Game #2

Game Analysis – Game #2 (GM Daniel King)


  1. It’s understandable with a much larger than normal audience that there are many who are uneducated and/or inexperienced with top level competition and therefore cry out at the “boring” start. Actually, it’s quite normal and combative. Especially in short matches, the players must be more careful as there are few if any opportunities to recover from even a single mistake. A good argument, in my opinion, for matches of longer duration (16+).

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  3. Photos of Game #2

    Not sure if this red and black design was Carlsen’s branding idea,
    but there is no secret what is inside the bottles.

    Both Carlsen and Anand in chill mode.

    Anand takes a quiet moment.

    The game is on! Carlsen plays the Caro-Kann.

    Indian street traffic is legendary,
    but the chaotic photography area was not much better.

    Modeling? Is G-Star here?

    Well-Wishes from visitors.

    This is where all the action is! The camera catch the gaze of Chessvibes’ Peter Doggers, the new maven at chess.com. Leontxo Garcia, GM Ian Rogers and IM Lawrence Trent can also be spotted. Photos by Anastasia Kharlovich.

    Gallery: https://chennai2013.fide.com/photo-gallery-round-2/

  4. I think Anand deserves that applause he got for e4. Carlsen’s ‘drawish’ c6 is a wet blanket though. I’m sure everybody wanted to see a Sicilian or something.

    In tournament play, I’ve seen Carlsen have some slow starts and prevail at the end, I wonder if he thinks 2 draws ain’t bad considering the way he starts sometimes. Of course, this is match play which is a different animal.

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