Chevannes’ new ChessBase DVD!

WFM Sabrina Chevannes came into the spotlight as a sensation on the British chess scene as a young girl. As a standout player from Birmingham, she scored many successes including winning the British under-13 championship. She would hold practically every girl’s title and has represented England on the women’s national team at the Olympiad and the European Team championships. She has ten national titles to her name.

For the past several years, she has run the Chevannes Chess Academy with a purported 300 members. Recently she has produced an instructional DVD titled, “Chess for Novices”. It is part of a series of themes on basic principles of tactical and positional play. With a fluid delivery, her lessons are quite informative and easy to follow. Her talents has made her high in demand as a national trainer.

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  1. Chevannes in Action!

    Sabrina Chevannes

    Sabrina Chevannes as a 13-year old phenom.
    Copyright © 2001, Spectrum Chess.

    Sabrina Chevannes (England)

    Sabrina Chevannes representing England at the
    2012 Chess Olympiad in Istanbul, Turkey.
    Photo by Daaim Shabazz.

    Video of Chevannes in Simul

    Chevannes won all 20 games in about four hours.

  2. Judging from those two videos, I love it. The things she is teaches novices are things that I had to learn way back when the hard way: by reading dry chess tomes that were guaranteed to cure insomnia.

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