Kayende shines at Atlantic Open!

Oliver Kayende became a USCF Master back in April by scoring five points in the DC Chess League. That makes the 3rd African-American Master this year ahead of Kassa Korley and Kayin Barclay. Kayende had long shown he had talent in the DC scholastic circuit placing well in high school competitions. Recently Kayende played in the Atlantic Open and scored 3.5/5 including a last-round draw with GM Sergey Kudrin.

Let’s hope we hear more from the DC resident.



  1. Never met Oliver and it appears he has flown under the radar and made Master. He was DC High School Champion in 1997. Has he been at any of the big Open tournaments Chicago, National, World, U.S.? The first time I heard about him was from reading Vaughn Bennett’s letter in which he complained that Oliver was passed over as the Denker rep. Oliver didn’t sweat it much and moved on apparently.

  2. I had the unfortunate pleasure of losing a hard fought game to Oliver in the third round.

    He is quite dangerous once he has the intiative.

    Ed Mark
    2007 Buffalo City Chess Champion

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