Kayin Barclay joins Drum Majors!

Chicago’s Kayin Barclay has been chasing the U.S. National Master’s title for the past couple of years. During the 13th FIDE Invitational, he had a strong score and eclipsed the magical 2200 barrier. Now at 2205, the 18-year old will enter Morehouse College and will be able to add yet another accomplishment to his chess resume.

Barclay joins the ranks of African-American players to attain National Master during his teen years. Others are Walter Harris, Leroy Muhammad, Howard Daniels, Elvin Wilson, K.K. Karanja, R.O. Mitchell, Shearwood McClelland, William Lopes and recently-added, Kassa Korley (youngest ever). Barclay will forever join the roll of those having reaching Master-level chess. He will also be listed as a “Drum Major” on The Chess Drum’s list of chess masters.

Congratulations Kayin!!


  1. I found some information on Leroy Muhammad today. He lives in Gary, Indiana with his wife of more than 20 years, Annesah. They have nine children and six grandchildren, own a family business and active in the Muslim community. I wrote an essay about him titled, “Leroy Muhammad: A Forgotten Star.” It appears he is rekindling his interest in chess. He has used a couple pages from The Chess Drum including the essay above. He is listed at:

    Leroy Muhammad
    P.O. Box 9261
    Gary, IN 46402

  2. IM Elliott Winslow just e-mailed me today about Leroy Muhammad. He received a Facebook message from Jon Anderson who asked about Leroy. Winslow referred to the Leroy Jackson-Ed Formanek game and also reflected on the times he played blitz with Jackson.

    The bit about hustling is setting a memory vibrating, when we youths would play speed chess for quarters, but I just can’t quite dredge up any of Leroy’s favorite blitz shtick (other than “I’m gonna bust you open like a chicken!” which may have subconsciously contributed to my going vegetarian!).

    Funny! 😀

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