• Ignacio “Nacho” Pérez is Washington Champ!

    FM Ignacio Perez holding the state championship on which his name appears twice as the champion. Photo by Steve Shoe.FM Ignacio Pérez is a household name in Seattle chess. An immigrant from Cuba, he has found a home in Washington state and is now a two-time state champion. Held on…

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  • Playing street chess in Havana, Cuba

    The Chess Drum beats in Cuba!

    Cuba is the largest Caribbean island boasting a rich history and some of the most passionate people on the planet. It is part of this passion that has produced the creativity and ingenuity in a land of modesty. Cuba is a place full of many stories. There is the political…

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  • Cuba: A Chess Wonderland

    There has been an U.S. economic embargo against Cuba since 1961. This means there are no formal trade relations between the two countries. However, Coca-Cola, M&Ms and TV programs such as “Friends” are seen there… perhaps through a maze of third-party relationships. Fortunately, art forms like chess are not bound…

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  • Orelvis Perez Mitjans making his mark!

    IM Orelvis Perez Mitjans (Spain) Photo by Societat Coral Colon.Orelvis Perez Mitjans was born in Cuba 35 years ago (28 July 1976) and learned chess the way many of us learn… in an informal setting. Watching chess players in Central Park in Havana he was drawn to the game and…

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  • 2010 Chess Olympiad: Round #7

    Top Boards (Open) Ukraine 2½-1½ Georgia Armenia 1½-2½ Azerbaijan Russia 2 1½-2½ Russia 1 USA 2-2 Poland Brazil 1-3 Hungary Russia 3 2-2 Iran China 4-0 Turkmenistan Belarus 3-1 England Netherlands 2-2 Cuba France 2½-1½ Spain GM Vassily Ivanchuk is on 6/6 and a stratospheric 3382 performance. Photo by…

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  • Pecorelli ‘three-peats’ in Trinidad!

    After winning the inaugural Caribbean Chess Carnival, International Master Humberto Pecorelli has travelled from Cuba to Trinidad’s Port-of-Spain the last two years to defend his title. He now qualifies for a nickname given his historic ‘three-peat’… winning three times in a row. Humberto Pecorelli Garcia wins the 2009 Caribbean Chess…

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  • Dionisio Aldama joins US Chess League!

    Cuban-born Dionisio Aldama has joined the “Arizona Scorpions” expansion team in the U.S. Chess League. Aldama moved to the U.S. in 2006 after living in Mexico a number of years. The International Master has been playing in local tournaments and was spotted at the 2007 North American Open in Las…

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  • Historic Moments: Featuring Cuba’s Rogelio Ortega

    Cuba’s Native Son Rogelio Ortega The island of Cuba has a great many traditions. With its distinct blend of Spanish and African heritage, Cuba bustles with energy and its citizens are friendly, easy-going and very passionate. One passion that pervades the Cuban society is chess. The birthplace of former World…

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