Dionisio Aldama joins US Chess League!

IM Dionisio Aldama

Cuban-born Dionisio Aldama has joined the “Arizona Scorpions” expansion team in the U.S. Chess League. Aldama moved to the U.S. in 2006 after living in Mexico a number of years. The International Master has been playing in local tournaments and was spotted at the 2007 North American Open in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The league was founded by IM Greg Shahade and is modeled on American professional sports league. It has been a huge success and the league now has 14 teams with each team boasting at least one Grandmaster. Some of the creative team names are: Boston Blitz, New Jersey Knockouts and Tennessee Tempo.

There is even a “Game of the Week,” Most Valuable Player contest (based on results and board number), featured games, statistics, team home pages, playoffs and many other exciting concepts. Shahde has done a wonderful job in bringing excitment to American chess. If you are a sports addict, then this is one chess site to visit!

Official USCL website

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