Orelvis Perez Mitjans making his mark!

IM Orelvis Perez Mitjans (Spain)
Photo by Societat Coral Colon.
Orelvis Perez Mitjans was born in Cuba 35 years ago (28 July 1976) and learned chess the way many of us learn… in an informal setting. Watching chess players in Central Park in Havana he was drawn to the game and soon became engrossed in its intricacies. Years later, he became known as “blitz specialist” (in five-minute format) and earned the title of FIDE Master in 2005. His games are sharp and theoretical.

He earned a GM norm at the 2006 Capablanca Memorial and participated in the 2007 Cuban National Championship. After being unsuccessful in earning further norms he decided to settle in Spain in 2007. He earned the title of International Master in 2010 and his second GM norm at the Super-Tournament Sants 2011 placing joint 3rd. Let us hope that he will complete his third GM norm and fulfill his dream of becoming a Grandmaster!

(Note: Thanks to GM Pontus Carlsson for informing me about Orelvis!)

Orelvis Perez Mitjans
Orelvis Perez in Obert Internacional Sant Marti 2010.

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